The Cutting Edge of the Warrior Spirit – Browning’s Wihongi Signature Knives.

Blade Magazine takes a look at Jared Wihongi and his unique Maori warrior-inspired blades.

In her recent article in the July 2017 issue of Blade Magazine, writer Erin Healy took a close look at Browning’s latest offerings, the Wihongi Signature Series designed by Jared Wihongi, our highly-respected knife instructor and tactical blade-slinger.

“Jared Wihongi’s life and career is built on the warrior spirit of his Maori ancestors,” Healey begins. “He has practiced martial arts since he was a 10-year-old living in New Zealand, and the Filipino style of knife fighting, since he was 20, some 20-plus years ago. (Wihongi hopes his series of new knives) …inspires ‘the warrior spirit that lives in each of us.’ ”

“(Wihongi) has reached the tuhon or master level of Pekiti Tirsia Kali and instructs police officers and elite military operatives in what he calls close quarter force integration tactics, or CQ-FIT,” Healy continues. “He applies the circular arm movements, the footwork, angling and distance control…using empty hands, sticks, knives and even guns…so that police officers are better able to subdue threats, or a special forces member is able to eliminate enemies in close-quarter combat.”

Tomahawk Axe

Healy especially likes the tactical tomahawk in the Wihongi Signature line. “(It’s)…a true straight-handled tomahawk. The blade is made from ¼-inch 420 stainless steel, and the spike end includes a semi-sharpened blade,” she reports. “Three lightening holes are drilled into the blade, maintaining the integrity of the head while removing material to lighten the weapon, making it easier to wield in a fight—or to be fast as lightning.”

“The forked tang is secured with three flush-mounted screws but is also reinforced by a wide metal ring surrounding the handle,” notes Healy. “The Wihongi Signature Series Tomahawk carries Browning’s Black Label tactical line logo, along with the familiar Buckmark. The handle is wrapped in paracord, a lighter weight than 550 to eliminate bulkiness…” 

“What is most notable about the (entire Wihongi Series) is the Maori tribal motif acid-etched into the steel,” Healey writes. “The warrior culture often carved facial features into wooden taiaha, or fighting staffs. These weapons would include eyes and ornate details that culminated in the familiar out-stuck tongue. Having these designs in a tattoo or engraved on a weapon meant that the warrior was carrying the strength and courage of his ancestors with him into battle.”

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