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Information regarding Web content and Browning copyrights and trademarks.

The Website is Copyright © Browning. All rights reserved.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on the Browning website, including images, text, graphics, video and audio, is the property of Browning. Redistribution or commercial use without the express, written permission of Browning is prohibited. Some non-Browning content -- including copy, images, audio and video -- is used with permission from the copyright holder or is in the public domain. Every attempt is made to indicate this with the content. For information on Browning usage rights, contact Browning corporate headquarters at 801-876-2711.



Browning has several registered trademarks (logos and marks) over which we exercise specific control and restriction for Web usage. For specific details on use of the any Browning trademarks you must contact the Browning Licensing Department in Morgan, Utah.

In general, the purposes for our trademark policies are:

1) prevent the dilution of our famous trademarks
2) protect the Browning brand
3) prevent inappropriate usage
4) control our associations with other businesses or causes 
5) prevent hijacking of the trademarks for unauthorized or inappropriate uses.

1. Who is authorized to use Browning registered trademarks?

  • Any person, business or organization with written permission from Browning. This generally includes Authorized Browning Dealers with signed Browning dealer agreements.

  • Dealers who purchase Browning products from authorized Browning distributors, but only when used directly in the resale of Browning products.

  • Conservation/industry organizations with ongoing cooperative projects with Browning.

2. How can logos and/or logo banners be used by authorized users?

  • In the advertising and promotion of Browning products.
  • To direct a dealer’s potential customers to the Browning Website for further information on Browning products.
  • When used in a paid advertisement (such as a banner ad) created and paid for and/or arranged by Browning in writing.
  • In compliance with the restrictions contained in the Browning Corporate Standards Guide.

 3. What is considered unauthorized usage?

  • Creating and posting a logo or ad (such as a banner ad) without meeting the above criteria.
  • Creating and posting a logo or ad with the intent of adding legitimacy to a Website, without having written permission from Browning.
  • Usage on Websites which do not resell Browning products (new or used) without prior permission.
  • When the logo or banner is used to redirect to any page or Website other than 1) a page containing Browning product references/images on the same Website, or 2) to another Website which is not
  • Logo(s) on pages or adjacent to content that is inappropriate and or where the primary placement purpose is not to sell Browning product
  • Any usage deemed inappropriate by Browning after review, to be determined at Browning’s sole discretion.

This policy primarly details the usage of the Browning logo(s) on Websites or in Web banner ads, and is in addition to all other trademark protections and policies already in place, and/or Federal, State and local laws. (20090728). For full details on Browning trademark usage you must contact the Browning licensing department in Morgan, Utah. Browning: 801-876-2711


Overview Provided by the Contest Committee. Use of the Browning logo and/or corporate signature for the "Show Us Your Buckmark" contest falls under special rules and  requirements. This list below is a general guideline on logo usage for those entering the contest. For detailed information contact the Browning licensing department in Morgan, Utah.

  • In general, non-commercial items created and entered in the Browning "Show Us Your Buckmark" contest -- which recreate or display the "Buckmark Logo" in some way -- fall under allowed usage.
  • Photos submitted to Browning of these contest entry's are covered under the specific rules of the contest.
  • All items produced must be for non-commercial use only and cannot be sold commercially without specific permission from Browning.
  • Use on any products, services or similar items for resale that are not authorized or licensed in writing by Browning are not allowed. Any product created and then sold which contains a Browning trademark of any kind requires a license or specific permission from Browning.
  • Usage under this definition is solely at the discretion of Browning and for clarifications and specific requirements contact the Browning licensing department directly at our Morgan, Utah offices.



Wallpaper images are licensed for personal desktop use only. Any other purpose requires the express written consent from Browning. Unauthaorized use or distribution or transfers of the images will violate copyright laws, trademark laws, communications regulations and statutes.



Every effort has been made to ensure that all product photographs, descriptions, specifications and suggested retail prices in this on-line catalog are accurate. However, in the normal course of website production inadvertent errors may occur.

Due to our continued effort to improve Browning products, changes in design or materials may result in corresponding changes to product specifications that we may not be able to immediately update on this site. Browning reserves the right to modify or change product specifications and suggested retail prices without notice.

In order to better serve our customers, our standard procedure is to identify and immediately correct any such errors as they are discovered. If you believe you have found an error, please contact us at 801-876-2711 or at

Pricing listed in this on-line catalog is suggested retail for the United States only and is subject to change without notice. For actual retail pricing, visit a Browning dealer near you.

Browning is always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions about the products and services we provide. However, any information you provide through this website, letters, telephone calls, any Browning e-mail address or any other means whatsoever, including but not limited to ideas, suggestions, notes, drawings, concepts or other information, will be considered non-confidential and the property of Browning. Browning may use any and all submissions without restriction.

The Browning site is produced in-house by Browning. All contents are ©Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2019.

NOTE: As of 2018, some outdoor products (not firearms) are sold through the Browning online store in the United States only. Product pages for many of these products contain links for purchasing the products directly from Browning. For products offered for sale on actual selling prices may vary from suggested retail, at the discretion of Browning. Special offers and discounts are also at the discretion of Browning. Always we encourage you to check with your local dealer first, but the Browning online store can be extremely helpful in locating hard to find items. 




Every effort has been made to assure that all dates, locations, occurrences, people involved and other details in all articles and special content are as accurate as possible at the time this article was completed. Some information was taken from documents and other from recollections. As an article or other content progresses and as any additional information is learned, we will do our best to improve, correct and update articles and special content. To the best of our ability we assure that content is either Copyright by Browning, in the public domain or used with permission.



Any information you provide to Browning is not rented, sold, or divulged to third parties without your permission, except as may be legally required by court order or subpoena. This privacy policy applies whether you provide information via telephone, mail, fax, Internet or other means.

We store names, addresses, and, if provided, phone numbers and e-mail addresses collected from six main sources:

  • Catalog Requests
  • Owner's Manual Requests
  • eBlast
  • Purchase Confirmation*
  • Show Us Your Buckmark contest
  • Trophy Case

Catalog and Owner's Manual Requests. Your name and shipping address are provided to our shipping company and used to ship your order. Providing your e-mail address or phone number is optional, but may be helpful should we need to clarify or provide information regarding your request.

eBlast newsletter is e-mailed to you only if you subscribe to the service online. You may unsubscribe to eBlast at any time by following the instructions on any e-mail sent from eBlast.

*Purchase Confirmation is available for specific Browning products and is not required to validate any implied or written warranty requirements. You may confirm your purchase by filling out the form on the Internet at Confirming your purchase enables us to collect personal contact information (as noted above), product data (model, date of purchase, intended use, etc.), as well as demographic and lifestyle information on Browning product owners. We study this marketing information to better serve your needs and interests.

We consider information on firearms and other product purchases (such as model, serial number, purchase date, price paid, etc.) strictly confidential and proprietary. This information is never shared with any third party except to contract with a specialized research agency to organize and quantify this information for our internal marketing analysis or at the specific written request of the Federal government through firearm trace requests or when otherwise required by law.

On the Purchase Confirmation form, you can indicate interest in optional services and information through the use of “opt-in” boxes. “Opt-in” boxes have a default setting that will indicate no interest in the service or information. If you check an “opt-in” box, we consider this permission to perform the service or give the information described. There are three types of “opt-in” check boxes:

  • You are given the opportunity to subscribe to Browning eBlast.
  • You are given the opportunity to receive information on products or services that match your indicated hobbies or interests. If you check this “opt-in” box, we will provide your contact information to companies who produce the products of interest or provide information on products you may be interested in. (Please note that we have no control over the privacy policies of these companies.)
  • From time-to-time we will provide special opportunities to consumers who choose to fill out the Purchase Confirmation form. If you check this “opt-in” box, we will provide your contact information to the company offering the specific special offer. (Please note that we have no control over the privacy policies of these companies.)

Also, to serve your interests more effectively, we provide relevant Web site links for your consideration. We have no control over the privacy policies of these linked sites and recommend you review the privacy statements of these companies carefully before providing them with any of your personal information. Further, linkage to these companies does not imply our endorsement of any non-Browning sites, their products or services, nor does such linkage provide any access by these companies to any information you have provided to us.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy as to information gathered in the future, without notice, based on company policy, requirements of new technology or legislation or other pertinent information to provide appropriate protection consistent with the intent of this policy.

At any time, you may modify or delete your personal information from any or all of the above Browning databases by contacting our web site administrator.



As many people know, Browning has an official Facebook page as well as a number of other social channels. Each is created for the use of Browning fans, customers and "likes." Browning believes that our Facebook page and othe social pages are for you -- those who love Browning. The Browning brand is the creation of John Moses Browning himself. Even today, we know that a great deal of the unmatched commitment to quality and the strength of the brand image is the result of Mr. Browning's hard work and raw genius. Today, those of us at Browning are dedicated to continuing the legacy he began. It has been over 130 years since the first Browning firearm. Our commitment to excellence remains as strong today. And our commitment to you, our customers, is also equally strong.

Often inadvertently, the Browning name and reputation is used by others in ways which are not appropriate and that can cause much confusion to our customers. Some even cause damge to the brand. For this reason we ask all users of our Facebook page to be understanding of our need to have a policy that protects the integrity of the brand and that assures all our customers and fans have the best experience possible.

Under the "Info" section of the Browning Facebook page you can read about information on Browning, as well as the policy statement below.

For full details on Browning trademark usage you must contact the Browning licensing (trademarks, copyrights) department in Morgan, Utah. Browning: 801-876-2711



The Browning social media pages -- including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and others -- are exclusively for fans of the Browning brand and fans of Browning products. We want these pages to be your page where you can safly exchange ideas with each other, show off successful hunts, show off your guns and gear, show your love of the Buckmark logo and just enjoy being part of the Browning family. We also do our best to answer questions you may ask -- and we encourage all fans to help each other with questions.

To assure that the Browning page is enjoyable for all we ask that other companies do not post advertisements or use any similar spamming techniques on our Facebook page. Selling products, announcing Websites, promotions or other similar activities on the Browning Facebook page are not allowed, The use of Browning registered trademarks for any business-related purpose is not allowed without specific, written permission. In order to avoid confusion on the Browning Facebook page we ask all fans of Browning to not use Browning trademarks on their profile picture, unless it is an incidental part of the photo (on clothing, hats, tattoos, etc.). We always encourage you to "Show us your Buckmark."

IMPORTANT EXPLANATION OF UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Browning social media pages are for the enjoyment of fans of our brand, our products and for interaction between our customers. No posting by "Trolls" or any other disruptive behaviors are allowed. A "troll" is defined as "a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content." This applies to behavior by all users of our social media channels. We ask all to be nice, polite and helpful. We reserve the right to block or otherwise remove from interacting with our pages any who engage in any disruptive behaviors. If you do not like or appreciate Browning products and Browning fans, we urge you to please seek out other social media channels more to your liking. 



This is our position as provided to fans of the Browning Facebook page and on our other social pages where applicable. It applies to all social media. "We love your enthusiasm for the Browning logo and brand. But we have valid concerns about the use of Browning trademarks on pages and profiles. There are two primary considerations: 1) legality and 2) confusion. We feel that if you use a Browning trademark in a social media provile that the other Fans might be confused by your profile "picture." They may think that when they see your picture (especially the Browning logo) that it is the Browning company speaking. For the past few years when they saw the logo they knew it was Browning writing the message. It is better to use your own image to avoid confusion . . ."

Please also remember that Browning, the Buckmark logo and all associated Browning marks are registered trademarks of the Browning company. This fact of having registered trademarks is not unique to just us. Nearly all significant companies have logos and trademarks that are protected by law. It is important to be aware that these laws often must come into play to protect the investment in the brands. We ask all to preserve the integrity of the Browning brand by obeying these laws. (Browning Web Department)

If you have any licensing or trademark questions not answered by the above overview, you may contact the Browning Licensing Department directly at our Morgan, Utah offices. Browning, Licensing Department, One Browning Place, Morgan, Utah 84050. 801-876-2711.



At Browning, we are always open to suggestions or ideas for improvements. We even like criticisms of existing products. It helps us keep true to our motto, The Best There Is. Please be as specific as you can be -- product name, code number, when you bought it -- and it will be much easier for us to respond. 

However, when it comes to product ideas, because we are a business that must compete in the marketplace, there are some legal issues that must be understood before you offer your suggestions or ideas to our team. So read this below  before you send your ideas to us.

IMPORTANT, IF YOU HAVE PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS. Browning is always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions about the products and services we provide. However, any information you provide through this website, letters, telephone calls, any Browning e-mail address or any other means whatsoever, including but not limited to ideas, suggestions, notes, drawings, concepts or other information, will be considered non-confidential and the property of Browning. Browning may use any and all submissions without restriction.


Some Browning Outdoor Products are available directly from Browning. These can be found by looking for the "Buy" button on the page. If there is no buy button then the product is not available directly from Browning. If the product shows "out of stock" you will want to contact a local or online Browning dealer.   A few things about the Browning Store:

  • The Browning Store is managed from our headquarters in Morgan, Utah. 
  • Browning Outdoor Products have been available from our many valued e-commerce dealers for a number of years.
  • The Browning Store is relatively new and is offered as a service to make sure you can always get the gear you need when you need it.
  • Browning Outdoor Products are available through our store only in the United States.
  • If you have questions feel free to call the Browning customer service team here in Morgan, Utah at 801-876-2711 or 800-333-3288.

Only Browning Outdoor Products are available for purchase online. Firearms are not sold online by Browning and are sold only through federally licensed firearms dealers in accordance with all BATF regulations in the United States and applicable laws for guns sold in Canada. Browning International handles all other firearms sales worldwide. 

For more information go to our cart: