Choosing the best flashlight. What sets them apart?

Why does Browning think their flashlights are better?

Browning is a leading manufacturer of portable battery-powered lighting for hunters and shooters with more than 35 styles in the product line. How long have we been in the "flashlight business?" Since the 1980s. We were leaders in creating ultra-durable flashlights using polymer materials and the newest light bulb (or called light source) technology. Early Browning advertisements showed flashlights being run over by 18-wheelers and surviving easily. We incorporated waterproof systems and switches that would not go off inadvertently in your backpack, bag or pocket -- unlike so many of the popular lights of the 80s and 90s were prone to do. 

So, you are looking for an unbiased overview of what to look at in a flashlight. We will do our best. But after working for decades to create the ideal night-time tools for hunters, shooters and outdoorsmen, we have some pretty solid ideas on what works and what features you will appreciate the most. 

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Get the right technology for your end use.

LEDs are preferred over Xenon bulbs for most uses, thus all Browning lights are now LED designs. LEDs use batteries more efficiently, illuminate at greater distances, emit a clean, even beam and will never burn out under normal use. Like most technology, LEDs keep getting better every year. Browning is a leading manufacturer of portable battery-powered lighting for hunters and shooters with more than 35 styles in the product line. To choose the best light.

HAND-HELD OR HANDS-FREE — Headlamps and cap lights allow the use of both hands for tasks like dressing a deer, fixing a truck or finding a path through the woods. Modern technology makes many headlamps as powerful as larger hand-held flashlights. The MicroBlast headlamp can be worn either as a headlamp, clipped to a shirt pocket, or to the brim of a hat.

LONG RUN TIME — By using advanced digital circuitry, highly efficient LEDs and low-resistance switches, Browning is able to offer extra-long run times on many lights. Most Tactical Hunter lights will run for 20-60 hours on the low setting. These extended run times could be the difference between getting home safely and having to spend the night in the woods.

WATERPROOF AND SUBMERSIBLE — Because the great outdoors doesn’t always have great weather, Browning has redesigned several flashlights to be waterproof and submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes (ANSI IPX7). Most of Browning's other flashlights are O-ring sealed for greater water resistance (IPX4). The High Noon LED Spotlight is submersible and it floats.

BATTERIES — Lithium batteries are used in many of Browning’s highest-performing lights, such as Blackout and Nitro. Lithium batteries pack twice the power of alkaline batteries for their weight and operate well at very cold temperatures. Other lights in the Browning line use AA and AAA alkaline batteries because they cost less than lithium and are readily available anywhere in the world. The latest integrated circuit designs in Browning’s Pro Hunter and Alpha flashlights allow alkaline batteries to approach the performance of lithium batteries.

SWITCH SETTINGS — Multiple switch settings (high, low and in-between) help preserve battery life and allow selection of colors and flashing options. The lock-out switches found on most of Browning’s lights keep the light from accidentally turning on in a pack or pocket. A disorienting Fast Strobe setting is now available on many Browning lights, and it has proven useful for self-protection and for signaling during an emergency.

RED, GREEN AND BLUE — Colored LEDs help preserve night vision and are great for map reading. They are less obvious than white light to many types of game animals.

FL-1 FLASHLIGHT PERFORMANCE STANDARDS — Browning proudly participates in the FL-1 flashlight performance standards for measuring and stating performance claims for all portable lights. This includes Brightness (Lumens), Distance, Run Time, Water Resistance and Impact Resistance. FL-1 provides the only reliable apples-to-apples comparison between models and is used by most major manufacturers. Look for these FL-1 symbols on Browning light packaging.*

* For Browning lights with multiple settings, the lumens, battery life.  Every Browning light is designed and engineered in the USA.

Hunter hiking in dark with flashlight

The old hunter’s adage “You can’t hit what you can’t see” also applies to any type of outdoor task that takes place in the gloom of night. From changing a flat tire on a lonely roadside to finding that downed buck just as evening closes in, having a reliable light is often the difference between your hunt being a great success or a total failure, or between having a memorable outing or a truly miserable experience. 

Make sure that you have reliable, powerful and affordable Browning flashlights and headlamps readily at hand. A Browning light should be part of your everyday carry (EDC) gear and ride-along as standard equipment in your backpack, glove box or purse.

Hunter reading map with cap light.
Hunter hiking at daybreak with cap light on hat.

Flashlight terms and definitions.

Flashlight terms and definitions.