Browning guns win big at the 2017 Grand American Trap Shoot.

The Bartholow Brothers stack up the trophies at the 2017 Grand

Congratulations Matt: Radians HOA 2600 Targets Championship ---- Event Champion- 2556x2600

Matt & Foster take home a pile of trophies at the 2017 Grand American.

  • Event 2- Trap & Field Handicap-----Matt- Event 4th -97x100
  • Event 3- Little Egypt Golf Cars Doubles---- Matt- Event Runner up - 100x100
  • Event 4- MEC Shooting Sports Singles---- Foster- Event 3rd -100x100
  • Event 6- Zoli International Doubles---- Matt- AAA Champion – 99x100
  • Event 7- Sterling Cut Glass Singles---- Foster- Event 3rd – 100x100
  • Event 8- Gipson-Ricketts Handicap---- Matt- Event 3rd – 98x100
  • Event 9- Kolar Doubles----Matt- Event 3rd - 99x100
  • Event 10- NRA Singles ---- Matt- AAA Champion – 200x200
  • Event 11- Krieghoff 100 Handicap---- Matt- Event 4th – 98x100
  • Event 12- Rio Ammo Doubles---- Matt- Event Champion – 100x100
  • Event 13- Blaser Handicap---- Matt- 27-yard runner up – 97x100
  • Event 14- Wenig Doubles---- Matt- AAA Champion – 100x100
  • Gun & Trophy Insurance Preliminary HOA 1000 targets---- Matt- Event Champion- 986x1000
  • White Flyer HOA 1500 targets---- Matt- Event Champion- 1480x1500
  • EZ Go HAA Preliminary Week---- Matt- Event Champion- 398x400
  • Winchester Super 500 Singles---- Foster- AAA Runner up- 498x500
  • Millennium Luxury Coaches Super 500 Handicap---- Matt- Event Champion- 485x500
  • Gun & Trophy Insurance Super 500 Doubles---- Matt- Event Champion- 498x500
  • National Team Race- Team SD – Event Champions---- Matt 296x300, Foster 286x300
  • Sibling Race (Brother/Brother) ----- Foster and Matt- Champions 200x200 each (400x400)
  • Event 20- Kubota Doubles----Matt- AAA Runner up 100x100
  • Event 24- Remington Grand American Handicap- Matt- Event 3rd- 96x100
  • Blue/Gray Shootout Championship--- Blue (North) team champion- Matt 23x25
  • State Team Race---- SD team runner up- Matt 199x200 Foster 200x200
  • ATA HOA by Prize Possessions 1000 Grand Week---- Matt- AAA Runner up- 976x1000
  • Radians HOA 2600 Targets Championship ---- Matt- Event Champion- 2556x2600


The Grandest of them all.

Each year Browning is proud to be part of one of the greatest shooting events in the world: the Grand American Trap Shoot. Not only is it the gathering place for the best in American trap shooting, it a non-stop fun with people to meet, events to attend and  . . . it is wonderful to be surrounded by people who love and enjoy the shooting sports as much as you do. For Browning, it is a place to learn. A laboratory of trap shooting ideas, suggestions and emerging trends. Without the flow of ideas found at the Grand the sport we love would be something less. As it is each year the best shooters continue to have the best tools to do their best. For this we are proud.

Follow the shoot on the ATA's website. Don't forget about the thousands of youth shooters who are just getting their first taste of what it is like to shoot at a world class event. They have memories to last a lifetime and some of them will be the champions of the future.

The shooting line at the Grand American. Photo courtesy of Guns Magazine. 

The Bartholow brothers.

Foster and Matt -- the Bartholow Brothers -- are two of the top trap shooting celebrities in America. Both have significant accomplishments under their belts at state and regional shoots, all the way up to the Grand American Trap Shoot.

This is our ad running in the 2017 Grand American official program.

What is the ATA?

The ATA serves as the faithful protector of the sport of trapshooting. As the largest clay target shooting organization in the world, the ATA governs the sport's rules and regulations and seeks ways to further enhance the sport and increase participation.

The ATA was founded in 1900 as the American Trapshooting Association and later changed to the Amateur Trapshooting Association in 1923. A Board of Directors, composed of state and provincial delegates govern all ATA policy matters. The Executive Committee, which is comprised of one representative from each of the five Zones, provides stewardship for the association throughout the year. The organization's day-to-day business is guided by an Executive Director and a team of professionals at the national headquarters in Sparta, IL.

Annually, ATA members participate in 6,000 plus registered tournaments and shoot at more than 60 million targets. With more than 900 gun clubs affiliated with the ATA you can find registered shooting just about anywhere. 

The ATA Homegrounds, located in Sparta, IL, is also home to the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships each August. This annual event draws nearly 4,000 competitors and showcases some of the best shooting talent in the world! 

(Above information on the ATA is courtesy the ATA)