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The Browning Collectors Association was formed in 1979 after Colonel Reid Betz spent much of his retirement years creating the non-profit organization. Originally based out of Utah, the home-state of the Browning Brothers and the present Browning Company, the association quickly became a portal through which Browning firearm collectors could exchange information, historical facts and provide a marketplace for rare firearms, parts, accessories and much more. More than three decades later, the association is stronger than ever. Membership is worldwide.

Browning proudly supports the mission of the Browning Collectors Association in their efforts to preserve and promote the history of the John Moses Browning, his legacy and the products his genius continues to inspire.

If you wish to learn more about Browning history and firearms and are interested in becoming a collector yourself, we encourage you to learn more and consider joining the association. GO TO THE BROWNING COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION WEBSITE HERE.

AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE BROWNING COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION. The Browning Collectors Association has proudly acquired from Browning and is offering in a raffle, a beautiful B15 C Grade over and under. This shotgun is a select model from "The John M. Browning Collection." Elegantly handcrafted and hand engraved.

This is clearly the finest sporting over and under firearm ever offer for raffle by the Browning Collectors Association. 

  • Contact Information for the raffle: 
  • Charles P. Wagner
  • 711 Scott Street, 
  • Covington, KY 
  • 859-431-1712

$50 PER TICKET -- LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS AVAILABLE. The drawing date will be announced when the last ticket is sold.

This information on the Browning Collectors Association B15 Grade C shotgun raffle is posted here as a courtesy to the Browning Collectors Association. Please contact the Browning Collectors Association or Mr. Wagner for details and for the most accurate, current information. This raffle is an activity independent of the Browning company.  MORE INFORMATION.

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Browning is a proud supporter of the mission of the Browning Collectors Association.
We think that those who love the history of Browning and collect Browning firearms should consider a membership with the association. But importantly, please note that the Browning Collectors Association is an independent organization not directly connected in any way to the Browning company.