Browning A5 is Ducks Unlimited Gun of the Year for 2015.

 Continuing the A5 and DU legend.

For more than a century, when the terms ‘ducks’ and ‘autoloading shotgun’ were used in the same sentence, the gun in question was the legendary Browning Auto-5, the world’s first successful autoloading scattergun and a flagship product from the innovative genius of John M. Browning himself.

Fast-forward to today and when the terms ‘ducks’ and ‘autoloading shotgun’ appear in the same sentence, chances are the point of discussion includes the new Browning A5. Tough and reliable, come hell or high water, the Browning A5 is a worthy successor to the legendary Auto-5. In fact, the world’s foremost waterfowl conservation organization, Ducks Unlimited, has named the Browning A5 as their 2015 Gun of the Year.

For all of you who will be attending your local DU fundraising banquets around the country (and that’s just about everybody, right?) the special 2015 Ducks Unlimited edition of the A5 will be the primo item on the bid list. Most notable about this year’s DU A5 is the special engraving featuring the DU logo and a wonderful wild game scene motif that hearkens back to those classic DU-edition Auto-5s of the 1980s and 1990s.

This is a highly collectable DU-edition shotgun that truly belongs in your gun rack. Check out the schedule for the next DU fundraising banquet in your area with your local Ducks Unlimited chapter, or visit for a complete schedule of DU events in your area.