Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed is Proud to be the Title Sponsor for Train to Hunt Challenge Events.


Get Fit. Get Ready. If you are looking for a way to get fit and motivated for fall hunting seasons, Train to Hunt has the solution. For 2016, Train to Hunt is crossing the country with a 16 event Challenge Series culminating with a National Championship competition. Browning’s new Hell’s Canyon Speed clothing is the title sponsor of Train to Hunt events, and will be given away as prizes to the winners of Challenge Series events.

What is Train to Hunt? Hunters aren’t shy about spending heard-earned money to get the best gear they can afford. Once they have it, they then strive to maximize the performance of their firearms, ammunition and gear. For many hunters, the best investment they can make to improve their odds in the field is in themselves. This is where Train to Hunt comes in.

Fitness and health programs designed just for hunters.

Get in on the fun. Train to Hunt Challenges are multi-day, three event, archery hunt-based competitions designed to test fitness. But a click on reveals that the venture is more than the Challenge Series. On the website you will find lifestyle articles, recipes, testimonials, shooting and gear tips and importantly, fitness programs that you can sign up for, and even personal coaching to help you fulfill your goal of hunting harder and longer. The competition of the Challenge Series gives hunter/athletes a summer goal to work towards and a way to measure their progress.

Hell’s Canyon Speed and the Rise of the Hunter/Athlete. As athleticism has driven hunters to push deeper into the woods after game, the term hunter/athlete has gained prominence in the industry. The hunter/athlete is a hunter first, and recognizes the importance and benefits of year-round training to optimize their performance during hunting season and they demand gear up to their tasks. Hell’s Canyon Speed tech wear is made for these individuals.

SPEED is about performance. Hell’s Canyon Speed uses the very latest design technology and independent testing to ensure that it hunts as hard as this new breed of hunter. The abrasion resistant, stretchable fabrics maximize freedom of movement for unmatched durability, mobility, and comfort to endure the rigors hunters put their gear through. Hell’s Canyon Speed features HeroFit tailoring to better fit the body and eliminate excess weight and bulk. Designed as a system, Hell’s Canyon Speed features HeroFit tailoring to better fit the body and minimizes weight and bulk. Four levels of protection are offered, allowing hunters to choose Speed garments for their particular hunting conditions. Garments are sized to comfortably layer over one another to retain the fit while adding protection from the elements. Speed is also the exclusive manufacturer of hunting clothing to use highly effective A-TACS Camo™ patterns to provide superior concealment. With Hell’s Canyon Speed you can hunt harder, faster and in greater comfort than ever before.

Get Out There! Make 2016 not just your best hunting season ever, make it your best year ever. Find a Train to Hunt Challenge event near you, register for it and make the commitment. Next, sign up for a fitness program through Train to Hunt and start training. Lastly, look for Browning’s new Hell’s Canyon Speed tech wear to hit stores this summer.