BLADE Magazine reviews new cutting-edge Wihongi Signature knives.

Maori tribal motif, classic blade profiles and top-flight quality combine to capture the true warrior spirit.

There are few voices in the knife world that speak with more authority than BLADE Magazine. In the August 2017 issue, soon due on local newsstands, managing editor Erin Healy offered her readers a six-page in-depth look at the Wihongi Signature Series of warrior knives from Browning.

Jared Wihongi is one of the world’s foremost experts in the defensive use of edged weapons. Browning photo

“This year Browning launched the Jared Wihongi Signature Series,” continued Healy. “Each knife stands up to utility use, even bushcrafting, but the primary purpose is for defensive everyday carry at a price that law enforcement and military members can afford. Most strikingly, however, is how each is acid-etched with the tribal markings of Jared’s Maori ancestors.”

The new Jared Wihongi Signature Kukri. Browning photo

Healy’s article goes on over the next six pages to explore in great detail the entire line of Wihongi Signature knives. Among the fixed blade models are a double-edged dagger which harkens back to the classic Fairbairn-Sykes military commando knife.

Drawing on the traditional Nepalese Gurkha blade profile is a hefty yet well balanced kukri that measures 15 inches overall. Rounding out the fixed blade line is an impressive modified wharncliffe/deep-draft reverse tanto. All fixed blade offerings in the Wihongi Signature Series come with a rugged polymer sheath.

The new Jared Wihongi Signature double edged dagger. Browning photo

“(Wihongi) has channeled the warrior spirit of his Maori ancestors into a curriculum that not only advances the martial arts, but helps police officers de-escalate dangerous situations, saving both the lives of police officers and perpetrators,” Healy concludes.  “And on the battlefield, when a special operator finds himself in close combat, the tactics and skill Jared imparts make it much more likely that an American or allied soldier walks away from the engagement.”

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The new Jared Wihongi Signature Tomahawk. Browning photo

The crown jewel of the Wihongi Signature Series is the tactical tomahawk, a highly adaptable defensive tool that comes with a paracord wrapped synthetic handle and a polymer belt sheath. This is an edged instrument that commands instant respect.

Several folding models are also in the Wihongi Signature Series line, including Attachment. It’s a beefy yet compact liner lock folder with multiple interchangeable grip inserts that allow the user to customize the knife’s look and feel to their specific needs. This knife is destined to become an instant classic and a must-have for everyday carry.

Some historical tactical knives.

British commandos put in some highly realistic training with the Fairbairn Sykes dagger during WWII. Original source unknown but probably a British MOD photo.

A selection of original Fairbairn Sykes daggers from the WWII era. They were used by numerous US and allied military forces including the OSS. Photo courtesy of

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