2017 Show Us Your Buckmark Winners Announced.

JANUARY 31, 2018 — Congratulations 2017 winners. As usual, this year's selection of winners is exceptional. Over the years many projects from crafts to "large-scale" projects have been done. We have seen the submission of "big things" getting smaller. But we are very happy with the "craft-type" home decor entries that are more common these days. Despite this, one entry this year is clearly on a large scale and we know you will enjoy seeing it. But the winners with home projects, crafts, and even a tattoo this year are fun and we know you will enjoy reading about them. 

Although the Show Us Your Buckmark contest has come to an end, you can still view the incredible creative diversity of ideas by viewing past entries and winners. GO HERE TO SEE PAST ENTRIES. 

Buckmark Sight-In Bench and Pavilion — Tim Kuntze

Tim Kuntze, 53, Daggett, Michigan — Buckmark Sight-In Bench and Pavilion

Tim sent us an entire booklet containing photos of the shooting bench and pavilion.

If you want to fully exploit the accuracy of your Browning rifle, you need to make sure it’s properly sighted in before your next big hunt. For Tim Kuntze, that process began two decades ago.

“My friends and I started hunting in Wyoming about 20 years ago,” he began. “We used to sight in our rifles at 300 yards, shooting off an old picnic table. It wasn’t the best set-up.”

“About three years ago a tornado came through the property and we lost a lot of white pine trees,” Kuntze continued. “We brought in a portable sawmill on a Good Friday and that provided the lumber we needed for a 12’ x 18’ pavilion with a wooden deck. It took about 30 days from start to finish.”

“The sight-in bench has seven bar-stools on each side, and we can shoot at steel targets at 100, 200 and 300 yards,” Kuntze noted. “I hot-branded the Buckmark into the bar in a couple hundred places. After we’re done shooting the bench doubles as a place to play cards, enjoy some BBQ chicken and a cold beer. We call it the Buckmark Bar. We even had some special Buckmark Bar t-shirts printed up when we first got it done.”

Kuntze has had plenty of positive comments about the bar and pavilion. “Don’t settle for doing something that’s just cool, when you can do something totally cool,” he laughed.

When asked about his next project, Kuntze quickly described a Buckmark buck pole he’s working on, which has already gotten some traffic with a couple nice eight- and nine-point bucks taken during the last hunting season. And it too has plenty of hot-branded Buckmarks decorating it.

Kuntze takes home a nice new Browning X-Bolt Pro for his SUYB prize.

Buckmark-Themed Poker Table — Tucker Thorne

Tucker Thorne, 19, Neosho, Missouri — Buckmark-Themed Poker Table

Close-up of one of the Buckmark logos alternating around the table.

Sometimes winning all comes down to the luck of the draw. For Tucker Thorne, it took a little luck and eight months of hard work to create his winning entry.

“Coach Davis, my high school wood tech teacher mentioned the Browning SUYB contest, and my classmate Nick Holt won with his Buckmark bow rack entry last year,” Thorne began.

“I used oak for the base and top,” he continued. “The top and legs are octagons and the felt covered playing surface is round. It has cherry butt joints and lacewood dovetails. I decorated it with Buckmarks, military symbols and the king of cards. Mr. Preston, the graphics teacher helped me with the laser-cut designs.”

“I’ve used Browning stuff my whole life. I even have Browning ammo in my pistol. My dad has been an M.P. in the U.S. Army since he was 18, and he’s 51 now. I’ll be joining the Army myself this year. That’s the reason for the military symbols. Dad showed the table to his military buddies and they all loved it. Our favorite game at this table is Texas Hold ‘Em.”

When asked what his next project would be, Thorne paused for a moment. “Maybe a cedar dresser set to go with the hand-carved log bed I made a couple years ago.”

Thorne takes home a brand-new Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range in .300 Win. Mag. as his prize.


Citori 725 Clays Tattoo — Brian Hall

Citori 725 Clays Tattoo — Brian Hall

Brian Hall operates heavy earth-moving equipment year ‘round in Alberta, and in the summer months shoots sporting clays as both a passion and a profession. And like many hard-working dozer-drivers, he has his share of ‘tats - images like soaring eagles, grizzly bears, and his SUYB-winning Citori 725 Clays art shown here.

“This one took about three hours at Zombie Girl Tattoos in Beaverlodge,” said Hall. “I always wear short-sleeve shirts in the summer, so I get to show it off every time I shoot. People say ‘That’s awesome’ when they see the tattoo. They ask me ‘Do you shoot a Browning?’ and I reply ‘That’s all I shoot.’”

“I’ve shot a lot of guns – over/unders, autos, you name it,” Hall noted. “The moment I picked up a Browning Citori 725 it fit me perfectly. My scores went up 25% in just one day with the 725.”

“That’s my gun,” Hall concluded. “No one gets that gun, except maybe my grandson. Browning is the best, it’s as simple as that.”

And when asked what his next piece of body art would be, Hall just laughed. “I’m not sure,” he grinned. “I gotta find some blank space on my back.”

Hall takes home a ­­­­­­­­new Browning (yet to be determined) for his winning 2017 SUYB entry.

Buckmark Driveway Entry Post — Ben Mallory

Ben Mallory, 53, Castleton, Virginia — Buckmark Driveway Entry Post.

Who says history doesn’t repeat itself? For Virginian Ben Mallory, it’s his second time on the podium in the SUYB contest. His first winning entry was a Buckmark Sporting Clays Golf Cart in 2015.

“I had cut out some Browning Buckmark items before,” shared Mallory. “I found this old ¼”-thick metal plate in a parking lot, so my friend Ray Davis and I cut it out by hand using a torch. It took about three hours, and the hard part was getting the Buckmark centered.”

Mallory’s SUYB entry has gotten him plenty of positive feedback, and he’s posted it on his Facebook page “It sits at the bottom of my private driveway,” he smiled. “I don’t want to put it out on the main road. I’m afraid if I put it out there someone would steal it.”

When asked what is next SUYB entry might be, Mallory paused for a moment. “I’m not sure,” is his thoughtful reply. “My wife asks me the same thing.”

For his winning “sign of the times” entry Mallory takes home a new Browning Citori CXS over and under shotgun.


Buckmark Bottle Cap Game — Dominic Albert

Dominic Albert, St. Anaclet, Quebec, Canada

The Buckmark is generally associated with pursuing trophy big game in the great outdoors. For a prior SUYB winner, Dominic Albert of St. Anaclet, Quebec, the game has been moved indoors, right into the hunting room in his new home.

“I wanted to create a hunting room in my new house,” Albert began. “I also wanted it to have a unique touch to the room. I created this original bottle cap game which my friends and I can play. It consists of fifty .300 Winchester Magnum shell casings, and is equipped with a LED lighting system and the woodwork has an epoxy finish. Each Browning letter is hand-cut.”

“To complete the project took approximately 10 hours, not counting the hours it took for me to think on how to create it,” Albert continued. “I have had excellent reviews…some people even say that it is very inventive and unique.”

When asked what his next SUYB project might be, Albert thought for just a bit. “I am working on a clock as a gift to a family member,” he concluded.

Albert picked a Browning X-Bolt rifle for his Show Us Your Buckmark contest prize.

How winners are chosen. Winners are selected by a special Show Us Your Buckmark committee which gives particular attention to creativity, uniqueness, the number of votes and the overall rating for each entry. Some are spectacular engineering feats, some show practical usefulness and while others are winners for sentimental value. Every year we are amazed at what you, the fans of Browning, can create. All of us at Browning love the Browning legacy and the Buckmark logo that symbolizes it. Thank you for being part of the Browning family. 

A note on Browning trademarks. We encourage all of those who enjoy the Browning Buckmark logo to use their creativity to make projects that incorporate the logo for the use of themselves and their families. If anyone using the logo wishes to use the Buckmark logo commercially — in other words, to sell as a business — it is important that you have the rights to use the logo for that purpose. For information on Browning trademark usage go here.