2016 SHOT Show Blog

What happens at the SHOT Show? We will be covering the 2016 SHOT Show in detail. Most of the information will be on Browning social channels. But when we have a special announcement or an unusual event (or product) we will write about it here. The SHOT Show is the biggest trade show of the outdoor industry and one of the biggest in the world. It is where your dealers and outdoor industry buyers are January 19-22. It is also where the industry introduces the newest products and innovations, including a huge selection of special products just for the show. Read below to learn all the news and new product information from Browning.  If you were there, what would you see at the Browning booth?

  • New product introductions  
  • Browning SHOT Show specials.
  • It is where all the pros, personalities and celebrities of the hunting and shooting business hang out. 

The SHOT Show is a trade show, so all of us regular consumers cannot attend in person, but we can attend by following the show here.

Pre Show Updates

At this stage -- more than a week before the show -- the Browning offices are crazy-busy with preparations. Pallets are begin created in our warehouse for the displays, products are being boxed up and prepared, all the mult-media gear is being packed. During the off season, some of the equipment such as large screen TVs find there way into conference rooms and offices. The walls are bare now as they are packed for shipment.

It has been particularly busy this year since the ATA archery show is going on right now and many of the staff has been there. 2016 marks the return of Browning into ultra-active marketing in archery. Much of this is driven by the Hell's Canyon line of clothing and  especially the Hell's Canyon SPEED lline which will be available this summer, prior to the opening of bow seasons across the country. 

Day One

Our first day will be the day before the show, January 18th. When we get there we will post photos and give updates on any news we are hearing from the floor. We look forward to you checking back here and on our social media channels. 

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