1911-22 Pistol Overview.

 Get your hands on 85% of the Greatest pistol in history.

John M. Browning developed the Model 1911 to fire the powerful 45 ACP cartridge. We developed it to fire the 22 L.R. and, after extensive testing and research, determined that 85% of the original size was ideal for the smaller cartridge. Put one in your hands and we know that you’ll agree. The grip is comfortable even in large hands and feels equally at home in smaller ones. The lightweight alloy construction is anything but light duty. Own a little piece of history today. And now with the addition of a polymer-framed version, you have more choices than ever. 

Everything as you like it.

You will find a familiar friend in the 1911-22 pistol. All controls operate just as those on the original John M. Browning-designed Model 1911.

  • ACTION The straight blowback design offers enhanced simplicity and reliability.
  • FRAME Two choices: 1) Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum to exacting tolerances. 2) Made from durable polymer (composite material).
  • SLIDE Vertical serrations provide an improved cocking grip. The convenient manual slide release is easily operated with the shooting or support hand.
  • SAFETY Large manual thumb safety and grip safety.
  • MAGAZINE The steel magazine body is heattreated for long-term feeding reliability and long life. Our coil spring provides a consistent follower angle. 10-round capacity.
  • MAGAZINE RELEASE Positioned adjacent to the trigger guard for convenient operation.

In 2011 the 1911-22 was selected as Field & Stream magazine's Best Handgun of the year.

Best New Handgun: Browning 1911-22 A1 -- In the early 1900s jungle warfare in the Philippines exposed the inadequacies of the .38 revolver and sent the U.S. Army on a search for an official large-caliber semiautomatic service sidearm. After a famed government test in 1910 when it fired 6,000 rounds in two days without a malfunction, the single test gun being dunked in a water bucket when it overheated, John Moses Browning’s “Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911” became that sidearm.

Now, in honor of the 100th anniversary of a great firearm, Browning has come out with a new scaled-down version in .22 Long Rifle, the 1911-22 A1. We used Remington 40-grain .22 Target rounds to test-fire the gun, albeit somewhat less than 6,000 times in a row. The best performance was a 21⁄2-inch five-shot group fired from a rest at 25 yards. Though it has a heavy factory trigger, for plinking or for teaching a kid to shoot, the 1911-22 A1 has a lot of potential. —T.M.

Browning is pleased to introduce a scaled-down, 22 L.R. version of the most favorite pistol of all time. The new Browning 1911-22.  It  is virtually an exact replica of the original 1911, just smaller. The frame and slide of the Browning 1911-22 are machined from aluminum alloy with a matte blued finish. The barrel has a stainless steel barrel block and target crown. The new 1911-22 has a single action trigger and a straight blow back action for enhanced simplicity and reliability. Other features include fixed sights, detachable 10-round magazine, manual thumb safety and grip safety. The new Browning 1911-22 is 85% the size of the original 1911 John M. Browning design. The smaller size makes it very light and easy to handle, especially for smaller shooters.

An A1 version of the 1911-22 is offered with a 4 1/4" barrel and 5 1/2" sight radius that weighs 15 1/2 oz. Overall length on the A1 is 7 1/8". The Compact 1911-22 version is offered with a 3 5/8" barrel and 4 7/8” sight radius and weighs 15 oz. Overall length on the Compact is 6 1/2". Grips on both models are brown composite. The new Browning 1911-22 is made in the USA just a short distance from Browning offices in Utah.