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Browning's Linda Gibson Profiled in Trapshooting USA Magazine.

Release Date: 4/24/2014

Morgan, Utah -- April 2014

Linda Gibson. ATA All-American, Competitive trap shooting and trap shotgun expert extraordinaire.

When you call our Customer Service Department with a question about a Browning product, one of the ever-friendly voices on the other end might well belong to Linda Gibson. A decade-long employee of Browning, Linda is not only knowledgeable about the myriad of product details, she is also an ATA All-American trapshooter. When she talks about shotguns and trapshooting, you just might want to listen closely.

"Dad was pretty traditional and growled
‘Girls don’t shoot guns
and they don’t drive trucks.’"

“When I was little, I wanted to go pheasant hunting with my dad and my younger brother so badly,” Linda recalls with a smile, “I actually threw a tantrum. Dad was pretty traditional and growled ‘Girls don’t shoot guns and they don’t drive trucks.’ I thought that was pretty funny because I have a picture of my grandmother hunting birds with my grandfather.”

“I hunted deer and ducks with my husband and my two boys for years,” Linda continued. “Around 2001 my boys talked me into going down to the local gun club and try my hand at trapshooting. I started with some fun stuff like Annie Oakley games, and that got my competitive juices going. I really like pulling the trigger and I wanted to win something – anything. I paired up with one of the better shooters in the club and we were able to win a pairs match. That’s how it all started!”

“I hunted deer and ducks with my husband
and my two boys for years.”

Since then Linda has shot some 155,000 registered ATA targets, is rated AA-27-AA, has won a number of national and state trap championships throughout the West, broken 200 straight in singles and 100 straight in Doubles on the same day at the Grand American and was Captain of the ATA Ladies II All- American Team for 2013. Her next goal is to get her Grand Slam (which is 200 straight in Singles, 100 straight in Doubles and 100 straight in Handicap from the 27 yard line).

Always willing to help shooters improve their skills, Linda has a few ideas to share with those on the way up. “Find someone who shoots well and have them watch you shoot,” suggested Linda. “Give their pointers a fair try and see if they work for you. As you improve, you might even want to take a class or clinic from a top-ranked trapshooter. Next, make sure your shotgun fits you properly, both in the length of pull and in the drop and cast. Every time you shoulder your gun, your eye should be in perfect alignment, vertically and horizontally, with both of the beads. Finally, stay positive. The path to shooting perfection isn’t straight and it isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the journey!”

And as to Linda’s choice of trap shotguns? “I shoot a Browning Citori 725 Trap Combo, with a 34” single barrel and a 30” over and under barrel set,” she said with glowing pride. “With the 725’s longer Invector-DS choke tubes, I usually choose the Improved Modified and Modified for the double barrel set. In the single barrel, I use the Improved Modified for both Singles and Handicap from the 27 yard line.”

Image below is the profile found in Trapshooting USA Magazine.

 Copyright Browning, April 2014. Article by Browning staff writer, Scott Engen. Read the profile of Linda in Trapshooting USA magazine, available now. Click here for Trapshooting USA subscription information. To read the issue online now click here.

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