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Two Brownings Make Field & Streams Best Shotguns of 2014.

Release Date: 2/5/2014

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 Review of ariticle published on the Field & Stream website: The Gun Nut, Rantings and Ravings from Phil Bourjaily and David Petzal.

The Best Shotguns of SHOT Show 2014

Field and Stream’slongtime and well respected Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily spent the better part of a week at the 2014 SHOT Show recently held in Las Vegas, checking out the latest in scattergun designs. He compiled a list of his top dozen new guns for 2014, and there were two new Browning smoothbores that caught his attention. We think you’ll be interested as well.

The New Citori 725 in 20 Gauge

 “Browning’s Citori 725, with its lighter barrel contour, slimmed down receiver improved on the venerable Citori, making it a much livelier gun,” noted Bourjaily. “It had mechanical triggers, as well, a feature target shooters prefer. As a result the 725 has been a hit, and this year the line has grown to include 20 gauge field and target models.”

“The 20 gauge is a perfect platform for the slimmer, lighter contours of the 725 design,” Bourjaily further opined. “The gun has lost about half a pound of weight, tipping the scales at 6 ¼ pounds with 26-inch barrels; 6 pounds, 6 ounces with 28-inch barrels. It’s light enough to carry, yet still substantial enough to shoot well.”

The New BPS Predator

“Browning’s BPS Predator gun gives the growing army of coyote hunters a shotgun that will handle surely in thick brush while blending into it,” stated Bourjaily. “The venerable BPS gets its barrel bobbed back to 20 inches, making it a very compact package. The synthetic stock and forearm are dipped in Mossy Oak Brush and the gun has swivels for a sling for hiking from setup to setup. It comes with an optics rail with an integral peep sight to help you put your shots on target. The 3-inch 12 gauge comes with IC, Modified and Full chokes. Add a turkey choke and this gun is ready for any game that walks: turkeys, squirrels, deer and predators.”

See Bourjaily’s short video on the new 725 20 gauge and more details on the BPS Predator at:  http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/gun-nuts/2014/01/best-shotguns-shot-show-2014


Original article copyright Field & Stream, 2014. Review written by Browning staff writer Scott Engen, copyright Browning 2014.  

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