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Nick Sisley has Maximum Praise for Maxus Sporting Clays Shotgun

Release Date: 8/7/2013

Review of article by Nick Sisley, September 2013, in Sporting Clays magazine--

For avid readers of the shotgun and clay target press, the name Nick Sisley needs no introduction. For nearly a half century Sisley has been covering clay target sports and the shotguns that dominate the action. Recently he tested the Browning Maxus Sporting Golden Clays for an article in the September 2013 issue of Sporting Clays and was very impressed with the autoloader’s rich looks, smooth feel and clay -shattering performance.

As Sisley noted, the Browning Maxus Sporting Golden Clays model was introduced in 2013 and is “…replete with all the original innovation as well as more, along with cosmetics that take this shotgun to a new level of attractiveness.” While loaded with cutting-edge technology, the Maxus Sporting Golden Clays is very much a pretty face. Sisley loved the flawless checkering and high gloss finish on the select grade walnut stock, the deep, rich barrel bluing and the gold-accented “…eye-candy…” engraving on the satin nickel receiver. In short, Sisley thought the Maxus possessed “…probably one of the most attractive semi-auto receivers in a sporting clays-specific model.”

Along with standard Maxus features like a back-bored barrel, a flat, vented rib, five choke tubes and a close-radius pistol grip, Sisley also was impressed with the Lightning Trigger System, noting its incredible lock time of only .0052 seconds. (You read right, that’s a mere five-thousandths of one second. It’s specifically designed to let no clay get away.)

The beating heart of the Maxus autoloader is the Power Drive Gas System, and Sisley liked the larger ports in the gas piston that help create reliable operation with a broad range of loads from his own 1 oz. light target loadings to heavy, high-pressure shells. He also liked the way the Maxus ran cleaner than many competitors’ designs, and was very easy to clean when the time came to wipe off the residue left from firing many hundreds of shells.

The innovative Power Drive Gas System on the Maxus also contributes to greatly reduced felt recoil, an important performance factor during a long day on the sporting clays course. During several sessions Sisley fired the Maxus against a light over/under. “Despite shooting 1-oz., 12-ga loads,” said Sisley, “The recoil difference between these two guns was more than significant. The end result is that this unique Maxus, I thought, was very light on recoil yet still functioned perfectly with my low-power loads.”

If you want a sporting clays autoloader that will shatter, splatter and smoke clays all day long and look great doing it, take a look at the Browning Maxus Sporting Golden Clays model.

You can see many of Nick Sisley’s articles and product profiles at:  http://www.sportingclays.net


Original article written by Nick Sisley is copyright by Sporting Clays magazine, 2013. Review of the article is by Scott Engen, Browning sfaff writer, copyright August 2013. You can find the September edition at your local newsstand or by subscribing to Sporting Clays magazine. For information on how to subscribe to Sporting Clays magazine go to their Website at: http://www.sportingclays.net/index.cfm

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