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Gun World Magazine Puts the BPS to the Test.

Release Date: 8/2/2013

Browning BPS All-Purpose makes
lasting impression on GUN WORLD tester.

Review of GUN WORLD article by Brad Fitzpatrick -- September 2013

There’s an old saying, “Beware the man who owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it.” It wasn’t to many generations ago that owning one gun was more often the norm, while today it’s the exception. For those with the means and interest, owning a variety of specialized guns is a wonderful pastime. For many others, having one gun and knowing how to use it is just about ideal.

In the September 2013 issue of GUN WORLD, Brad Fitzpatrick opened his test on the Browning BPS All Purpose, a 20 gauge pump in Realtree AP with fond recollections of his father who used one pump shotgun for everything from ducks to deer. In his case it happened to be a Winchester. As Fitzpatrick observed, “If Dad was hunting, he was carrying his one and only Winchester.”

Putting such childhood memories aside, Fitzpatrick was very detailed in his description of the great features that make the “robust and reliable” Browning BPS a lasting favorite for more that three decades. He detailed the forged and machined steel BPS receiver, plus the butter-smooth bottom loading and ejection and top mounted safety that make it user friendly to both right and left handed shooters. “Once you’re familiar with the BPS, it’s one of the most intuitive shotguns there is,” observed Fitzpatrick. “Loading, chambering and firing becomes second nature…”

He was also impressed with the back-bored barrel and Invector-Plus choke tube system, noting the BPS comes standard with three tubes that cover most hunting situations and that additional tubes in a variety of constructions are available from your local Browning retailer. Fitzpatrick made special note of the crisp appearance of the Realtree camo on the BPS, especially its ability to shrug off everyday scuffs and wear due to the Dura-Touch armor coating that Browning applies over the camo pattern.

The proof of any shotgun comes in the game field, and during testing both Fitzpatrick and hunting preserve operator Russell Edwards were won over by the BPS, calling it, “…well-engineered, robust and versatile.”

Fitzpatrick ended his article with a bit of nostalgia that brought his thoughtful tome full circle. “Alas, my time with the BPS was brief, but it left a lasting impression,” concluded the author. “It’s the kind of gun that endears itself by doing whatever you ask of it, whether that happens to be in a duck blind, in the upland fields or in the turkey woods in spring. Who knows? Perhaps someday some outdoor writer will share the story about his father, who used to do all his hunting with the same Browning BPS…”

Maybe it’s time you became a one-gun legend. See what makes the BPS ideal for any type of shotgun sport.


(Editor’s note: The specific 20 gauge BPS model Fitzpatrick tested was part of a special limited production run for the 2012 SHOT Show and is not currently cataloged. There are several very similar camo models in the current Browning BPS product line.) For specifications on the 12 gauge version click here.

Review copyright Browning 2013. Review by Browning staff writer, Scott Engen. Original article copyright Gun World, 2013, www.gunworld.com  To read the full article subscribe to Gun World magazine or purchase one at your local newstand. www.gunworld.com

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