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The Trip Wire Knife is Wired for Cutting.

Release Date: 7/10/2013

There is an old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
The Trip Wire is an exception to the rule.


Often when we see a knife designed to do serious work, the addition of moving parts and extra tools ends up distracting from the original purpose of the knife and increases the chances of parts breaking, rusting, or wearing out.

Sure, multi-tools serve the purpose of providing a small knife blade, a pair of pliers, a screw driver and other light tools to be used “in a pinch” to improvise makeshift repairs or perform light duty tasks. These tools aren’t meant for extended hard duty use however, and that is where the Trip Wire stands out from the crowd.

The Browning Black Label Tactical Trip Wire incorporates a heavy duty wire cutter/stripper (capable of cutting commercial chain link fencing and military concertina wire) into the handle and tang of a full length modified spear point blade made from extremely high quality, Italian crafted, Austrian  N690Co stainless steel.

Like many Italian design concepts, style and visual appeal are incorporated seamlessly with utility and function, the idea being “Why should utility be ugly?” Considering the size, heft and purpose of the Trip Wire, it’s remarkable that it is so… well, “pretty.” It’s precisely this blend of cool factor combined with the fact that you can actually use it for hard tasks with the confidence that it will shrug off hard use, that make the Trip Wire worth adding to your gear bag.

The term “Tactical Knife” is often misleading, conjuring images of soldiers and police officers fighting hand to hand in close quarters. Doubtless, there are a good number of knives designed primarily to be weapons, but most individuals are using their knives as tools to open packaging, cut rope, or perform any number of miscellaneous chores around the shop, ranch, camp, etc.

If you’re a hunter who has had to remove old barbed wire from the axle of your four-wheeler, a Soldier who has driven a HMMWV into tangle foot during a 0300 LogPac run, or a police officer breaching a fence while executing a high risk warrant, the Trip Wire would serve as an effective tool that still offers the utility of a hard use blade.

The evidence of the quality of knife itself and the wire cutter/stripper can be seen on close inspection of the hardware that holds it all together. The textured G10 handle is attached to the tang and wire cutter handle by nine hex key machine screws – designed for cleaning disassembly. Integral to the wire cutter is a proprietarily designed low profile machined pivot bolt. Included are two slim line wrenches for removal of the pivot bolt (again, for cleaning disassembly), with a key ring hole incorporated into the handle to keep the wrenches handy (and more obviously to avoid loss).

The spring loaded wire cutter handle is locked in the “stowed” position by a red “safety” button – this button isn’t made out of cheap plastic, rather it’s machined aluminum with checkering on the exposed surface.

The blade and tang are one piece construction and measure just under ¼ of an inch thick. The bottom of the tang features an aggressively shaped hardened glass breaker point that serves as an emergency tool for getting out of a disabled, burning or submerged vehicle. The cross guard is textured with fluting where the thumb would rest while cutting or chopping through tough material like rope or wood, in order to ensure a tight (and safe) grip.





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Article copyright Browning, July 2013. Written by Stewart Brough, Browning staff writer.

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