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GunVote 2014. Make Your Voice Heard.

Release Date: 2/13/2013




The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has provided some convenient tools for making your voice heard.
Browning is a proud member of the NSSF and is actively involved in all current NSSF gun rights initiatives.

Click Here to go directly to the National Shooting Sports Foundation's "GUNVOTE" page.

We at Browning are believers in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. And we believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution has special importance to us, to you our customers and to all freedom loving Americans. The framers of the constitution were wise and far-sighted men who laid down a plan that would protect America and its citizens through the ages ahead. A dear price had been paid to assure unprecedented freedom for the citizens of the United States of America. Today, these rights -- guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution -- are under attack like never before in history.

Coordinating closely with the NSSF and in cooperation with the NRA, Browning is working on many levels to promote the guaranteed rights of Americans. Since the days of our founder, John Moses Browning, we have been a key provider of firearms and firearms related products for Americans to be used for sporting, hunting and self protection, and to ensure the cause of freedom around the world. 

Browning and its employees are working hard at many levels to help preserve our rights. As a voting board member of the NSSF, Browning is deeply involved -- along with a coalition of major NSSF member companies -- in efforts with the congress, states and elected officials on virtually every front to turn the anti-gun tide. Our cooperation with members of the NSSF is on a nearly a constant basis, coordinating our efforts on many fronts. We are bound together with other NSSF members in a common goal and with specific, unified efforts.

Most importantly, we appreciate the efforts of you and countless other Browning customers engaged in the cause. We encourage all those who love the Browning brand and believe in the cause to stand fast, and to support us in our efforts.

What can you do? Call or write your legislators right now! Click the link above to go to the NSSF tools for contacting those elected officials who are making the decisions. Make sure your voice is heard by those who are bound to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America." Many other efforts are underway by other firearms-related companies. We encourage you to support industry efforts as you see fit.

Ultimately this fight will not be won by corporations but by individuals like you all across America. If you haven't already, join the NRA. Get involved now.

Make your voice heard.
Make it heard effectively.
Make a difference.

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