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Before proceeding, please take a look at our Questions & Answers search tool which provides answers to many commonly asked questions.  If you still have a question after checking the Q&As below please e-mail us by clicking the button:

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1. Are Gold Shotgun receivers steel or aluminum?  
2. Are the Maxus stocks adjustable?  
3. Can a hammer extension be used on the BLR?  
4. Can I alter the length on pants, bibs, etc.?  
5. Can I buy guns directly from Browning?  
6. Can I change the combination on my safe's dial lock?  
7. Can I drill holes in the safe?  
8. Can I have extra barrels made for my shotgun?  
9. Can I install a 3 1/2' barrel on my 3" chambered shotgun?  
10. Can I install a sling on my Maxus Deer Stalker shotgun?  
11. Can I order a wildlife scene for my safe separately?  
12. Can I put a new electronic lock on my older style dial lock safe?  
13. Can I replace the liner in my 4-in-one parka?  
14. Can I shoot Remington® HEVI-SHOT® in my Browning shotgun?  
15. Can I shoot steel shot in my Browning shotgun?  
16. Can one shotgun be used for hunting, sporting clays, trap and skeet?  
17. Can the safety be reversed to left hand on my Browning A-5?  
18. Can you provide me with a list of common firearm terms and their definitions?  
19. Can you tell me the basics in cleaning a firearm?  
20. Do all Browning guns have chrome-lined chambers?  
Questions 1 to 20 of 158 Last Next

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