Are there other language resources offered by Browning for internet content?

ANSWER -- The Browning website which is located at the address is essentially for North America only. Worldwide customers (outside of English-speaking North America) have access to the Browning International website at In the upper right corner of the Browning International website you can choose from several languages including French, British English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Sweedish. 

Google Translate. If you prefer reading any website in a different language than the one it was created in, you can easily use the translate tool offered for free from Google. It is called Google Translate. There are about 100 languages available for translating into from English. You open the Translate page, enter the website address and the desired language and the translation is produced for the site you have indicated. GO HERE TO USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE at

A few things to remember:

  • As with any translation tool, specific brand names, sub-brands and proprietary feature names will likely not translate. This is common across the world for all websites and products.
  • Also, headings which are included in graphics -- since they are not text -- are not translated by the tool. This also is common and accepted.
  • Most internet content and websites are available in the language produced in most countries around the world in an effort to support the concept of "freedom of access and expression." Wikipedia has several good articles on Censorship by Country. 

Product Availability. Importantly, many Browning products (firearms, clothing, gun safes, flashlights, knives, accessories, ammunition, partner products, etc.) are specific to each country and/or region, so you should check with your local dealer for specific product availability. Do not assume that because it is on the North America website that it is available in your area. All pricing on the Browning North America website is in U.S. dollars only and should be considered a suggested price and not the actual price you may find at your local dealer or an online dealer.