Euro Mount Elk/Caribou/Moose

NEW for 2018 - Sturdy all-steel constructed bracket with an adjustable arm that mounts securely to the back of a skull. Designed for larger North American game.

Show Off and Stash Away with Browning. The growing popularity of traditional European-style bleached skull and antler trophies are tailor-made for a Browning Euro Mount. Fully adjustable, it's ideal for creating the perfect setting for your trophy with a graceful interplay of light and shadow.

Features and Benefits:

  • The ideal way to display a European style trophy skull in the home, office, store or hunting cabin
  • Rugged and durable all steel construction
  • Mounts securely to wall stud
  • Ball and socket design is fully adjustable for display angle
  • Pivoting arm design allows trophy to be swung into position
  • Expanding jaws insert into the back of the trophy skull without damage
  • Skull can be easily removed for cleaning and storage
  • Large size is ideal for elk, caribou and moose
  • Mounting hardware, installation and display instructions are included
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Item Number 129545 UPC 023614491194
Weight 10 lbs 0 oz MSRP $149.99

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