Pure Buckmark Empty Shell Carrier

Belt-attachable, mesh pouch, contrasting webbing, Buckmark imprint

For the conscientious shooter.  Clean up as you go. This light weight mesh dump pouch provide a great way to collect your empties for reloading or disposal. The zipper closure on the bottom eliminates the need to remove the pouch from your belt or scoop out handfuls of hulls in order to empty the pouch.

Don't let the heat get to you. On a hot summer day, there's no need to wear a full shooting vest or half vest if you use this pouch in conjunction with our Pure Buckmark Box Shell Carrier.


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Item Number 121021995 UPC 023614460695
Material Polyester Color Black
Height 20" Length 10"
Width 4" Weight 14.4 oz
MSRP $17.99