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Lite'n your Bird'n with Bird'n Lite Upland Gear.

What sets Browning's Bird'n Lite jackets and vests apart from the rest? Bird'n lite is a new concept in upland gear design. On the outside, Bird'n Lite has the traditional look that you want, but tucked neatly inside is an integrated backpack-style load-bearing system that distributes the load of the vest between your shoulders and hips for more comfort and stability. With Bird'n Lite you can carry more weight with more comfort and less fatigue than with any other upland vest or jacket on the market. You'll cover more miles, in more comfort, with more gear and find more birds, all with less effort. You can't go wrong with Bird'n Lite. The bottom line? With Bird'n Lite, you carry more weight with less effort than any other upland vest or jacket on the market. That means more birds with more comfort. It means more backup shotgun shells without weighing you down. It means more gear without causing aching shoulders. It even means more snacks and water for you and your dog. All with more comfort than possible with any other upland vest.


Bird'n Lite Advantages

 Remember, the Bird'n Lite load bearing system functions exactly like a backpack.

First, the wide nylon shoulder straps evenly place weight onto your shoulders, yet do not interfere with shouldering your shotgun and swinging through the bird. The shoulder straps are easily and quickly adjusted within the game bag pockets for the correct fit. They let you place your load's center of gravity where it's most comfortable to carry.

Secondly, the sternum strap (which buckles around your chest) keeps the shoulder straps centered for improved balance and less fatigue, while preventing shifting and chafing from the shoulder straps.

Third, the waist belt equally distributes and secures the load to your hips, reducing the load on your shoulders and back. The lower center of gravity allows you to carry the load lower to reduce fatigue. The padded lumber area supports your lower back for even greater comfort. The wide, quick-release buckle allows for quick and easy on and off.   

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