Prestige - 65 Extra Wide

NEW for 2018 - 65 long gun capacity, 52 ft³ of storage, 60"H x 57"W x 26"D

  • Fire Rating 110 Minute/1700°
  • Security 10 Gauge
  • Price $4,899 Base MSRP
  • Capacity 65 Total (39/52+13)
  • Customization 17 Options

Elegantly immense

Classified as an Extra Wide safe, the Prestige 65 offers the same cavernous width of the Prestige 65T without the additional vertical storage space. And with a 65 long gun capacity, you'll have plenty of room, in a accessibility-centril design that emphasizes width over depth. This design concept enhances accessibility to the rear of the safe and avoids dimensions that turn your safe into an obstacle rather than an elegant out-of-the-way adornment to your home.

Exterior Color Options

Black Cherry

Gloss Black

Hunter Green Metallic

Matte Black

Crimson Fade Two-Tone

Steel Dawn Two-Tone

Midnight Two-Tone

Desert Smoke Two-Tone

Textured Charcoal

Charcoal Metallic

Titanium Metallic

Sapphire Blue Metallic

Hardware/Trim Options


Black Chrome


Lock Options

S&G Mechanical

S&G Electronic

Additional Product Information

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