Sporter - 49 Wide

NEW for 2018 - 49 long gun capacity, 52 ft³ of storage, 58"H x 41"W x 24"D


  • Fire Rating 60 Minute/1400°
  • Security 12 Gauge
  • Price $1,949 Base MSRP
  • Capacity 49 Total (26/39+10)
  • Customization 4 Options

More storage for less money.

The SP49 will hold 49 long guns in its wide interior while keeping its overall height profile to a minimum. Store your gun collection along with magazines, ammo, optics, or anything else you want to keep protected from thieves and fire. The lifestyle-centric design of our safes emphasizes width over depth, providing a geometry that works better for fitting a safe in your home and making the back of the safe more accessible without sacrificing storage space. Add in the top-notch anti-theft and fire resistant features of the Sporter series and you end up with an incredible value.

Exterior Color Options

Gloss Black

Hammer Gray

Hardware/Trim Options


Lock Options

S&G Mechanical

SecuRam Electronic

Additional Product Information

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