Heavyweight - 49 Wide

NEW for 2018 - 49 long gun capacity, 43 ft³ of storage, 72"H x 42"W x 24.5"D

  • Fire Rating 80 Minute/1550°
  • Security 11 Gauge
  • Price $2,499 Base MSRP
  • Capacity 49 Total (26/39+10)
  • Customization 4 Options

Bring on the big guns.

Up to 49 of them. The HW49 will accomadate a vast collection without being to imposing on your floor plan. Browning ProSteel safe dimensions are designed to maximize storage capacity without projecting into the main floor space of your home. Not only does this make the heavyweight match the "Feng Shui" of the room, it makes it a lot easier to access guns stored at the back of the safe. Add excellent anti-theft design features and top-notch fire protection and you get a safe that punches above its already substantial weight.

Heavyweight Safes

Exterior Color Options

Gloss Black

Textured Charcoal

Hardware/Trim Options

Black Chrome

Lock Options

S&G Mechanical

SecuRam Electronic

Additional Product Information

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