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Axis Adjustable Shelving

Purpose designed modular shelving with standardized sizing, solid steel, rubber over molding

Axis Barrel Rack

Adding an extra rack can give you optional storage for more guns. Fits into place in seconds. Rubberized edges protect the barrel. Study and durable.

Axis Drawer

The Axis Drawer is perfect for keeping track of smaller (and even delicate) items you own. Easily hooks in place. Want to find it? Get an Axis Drawer.

AXIS Drawer / Multi-Purpose

A great drawer for extra magazines, coins, valuables, just about anything that needs protecting. This drawer makes a big difference in keeping your stuff organized.

Axis Drawer Bridge

This accessory in the Axis System family allow you to bridge between racks to position a drawer or other shelves laterally at any point you desire along the safe.


Axis safe drawer with pick and peel foam for custom fit on precious items


Axis drawer designed to hold currency and small documents.

Axis File Box

Keep your most valued or oft-used documents protected and within very fast and easy access with this convenient box shelf.

Axis Jewelry Box

Axis safe drawer designed to hold jewelry

Axis Pistol Rack

This shelf has rods for five pistols/handguns held in the ready-to-go position. Finished to protect the bore from scuffing. No hunting to find the one you need.


The Bio-Lock opens your safe with the swipe of a finger print. Cutting edge technology with numerous backup security features.

DPX Handgun Pouches

Make your handguns easy to access and well protected in these pouches that mount on the inside of the door. MOLLE system or hook and loop attachment.


Instant protection from moisture/humidity. Sucks moisture from the air. Easy to recharge in an oven. Convenient and affordable.

Electric Dehumidifier

Get maximum protection from humidity and easy of mounting and positioning with this proven dehumidifier.

Flexible EverDry™ Electric Dehumidifier

A great solution to preventing damage from humidity, and it is easy to install with it's flat, bendable design. If you have little room, this one will work.

LED Safe Lighting Kit

One add-on you will appreciate, period. Easy to install kit using long lasting LEDs. Illuminates for easy locating of your guns and valuables. Perfect.

Pistol Rack - 4 Gun

I like this little rack. You will too. A speedy way to line up your pistols in the open air. Don't store against anything that can retain moisture. This works.

Pistol Rack - 6 Gun

I like this little rack. You will too. A speedy way to line up your pistols in the open air. Don't store against anything that can retain moisture. This works.

S&G Electronic Lock

Available for retrofitting your safe or with a new safe. If you access your guns and gear a lot, I promise, you will appreciate this. Full of safety features.

S&G Mechanical Lock

The proven lock with an unmatched record of performance. Affordable, reliable, very secure. Ideal for those who access their guns and valuables less often.

ZeRust® Protectant

Emits a vapor the forms a corrosion/rust resistant "barrier" on metal. It's not too good to be true. A second level of protection along with your dehumidifier.
Showing 1 to 21 of 21 Results
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