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Pinnacle - PIN41

Extreme strength and fire protection, 43 gun, 41 cubic ft. 14 bolts, 150 min./1200 degree fire rating, UL RSC Tool Attack rating, cedar-lined interior.

Fire Rating

150 Minute / 1200°


3/16" (7 Gauge)


$6,649.00 Base MSRP


43 total (22/33+10)


14 Options

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DPX maximizes gun storage space with a modular system of door mounted racks for long guns as well as pouches and pockets for pistols and other valuables.
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Body Thickness (Variable Measure)

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Fire Rating (Variable Time)

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Duo-Formed Door

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Layers of Insulation

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Reinforced Door Frame

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180° Heavy Duty Hinges

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UL Security Container Rating

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Bolt Direction (variable)

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Light Package

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Pry-Stop Corner Bolts

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Gear Drive Locking System

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The Pinnacle of luxury and security, full sized.

The PIN49 is the smallest of the Pinnacle line of Pro Series safes, but that doesn't mean it's "small". It is classified as a Wide safe, with a significant capacity that can securely store 43 long guns in its interior shelving and door rack. With the adjustable Axis shelving, there are plenty of options to optimize this space in order to store all your firearms, document, jewelry and other valuables, to keep them safe from fire, theft, and whatever unknown threats might come your way.

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Model Variations





Details for SAFE,PIN41,GLOSS

Item Number




Gun Capacity /Config

43 total (22/33+10)

Body Thickness

3/16" (7 Gauge)


14 (All Active)

Cubic Feet


Fire Rating

150 Minute / 1200°

Overall Weight

1325 lbs 0 oz



Handle Type


Door Type

1 5/16" Duo-Formed



Scene/ Graphics

Metal Plate Logo and Pinstriping

Lock System

Gear Drive

Safe Security Rating

UL® RSC Tool Attack

Interior Color

Grade VI Cedar and Simulated Worn Leather

Locking Bolt Sides

4 Sides (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)

Door Type

1 5/16" Duo-Formed

U.S. Suggested Retail


Exterior Color Options

Black Cherry

Gloss Black

Hunter Green Metallic

Crimson Fade Two-Tone

Gloss Black / Charcoal Metallic Two-Tone

Charcoal Metallic

Steel Dawn Two Tone


Titanium Metallic

Hardware / Trim Options


Black Chrome



You can spend hours researching websites and catalogs, but you won't find another gun safe that compares to a Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is a symbol of strength offering unmatched security, fire protection, interior versatility and pure elegance. The safe body is formed from a sheet of thick 3/16" steel for exceptional strength and rigidity. Inside, you will appreciate the elegance of fragrant cedar and simulated leather. The Pinnacle is also available in seven colors to perfectly complement your home. For the ultimate in security and beauty, look no further than the Pinnacle.

Browning Pro Series -- Specialty Gun Safe Dealers.

Pro Series Safes are a special gun safe line offered by Browning that is available only through select dealers -- for the sole purpose of providing you with the highest quality products and after-sale service. Pro Series dealers are specially selected to go the extra mile and:

  • Assist in the careful customization of your safe 
  • Provide delivery of your gun safe in a professional and safe manner, using the best in heavy furniture moving equipment and techniques to assure your safe is installed safely in your home.
  • Pro Series dealers are professionals carrying the appropriate insurance for handling your new safe. 
  • Pro Series safes can only be purchased through select Pro Series dealers. All other Browning guns safes are available through authorized Browning dealers. To locate a dealer near you click here to go to our Dealer Locator

With unequalled security and fire protection features, the most versatile interior in the industry and refinement not found anywhere else, the Pinnacle is the finest gun safe available. These uncompromising safes are formed from a single sheet of thick 3⁄16" steel for exceptional strength and rigidity. Axis Adjustable Shelving maximizes storage potential and the fragrant cedar and simulated leather interior provides a luxurious appearance.

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