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Safe Accessories - S&G Electronic Lock

Available for retrofitting your safe or with a new safe. If you access your guns and gear a lot, I promise, you will appreciate this. Full of safety features.


S & G Electronic Lock
The S & G Electronic Lock is an advanced security system manufactured by the leader in the lock industry. Includes many technical security features.

The S & G Retro-fit Electronic Lock kit is available for dealers wishing to convert any model Browning ProSteel safe from a mechanical lock to an electronic lock.



  • Available as a factory installed option using the separate lock code number on all models except Bronze and TheftGard safes.


  • Standard on NRA


  • Specifications

    Model Variations



    Details for LOCK,S&G,ELECTRONIC,(U/I)

    Item Number




    Overall Weight

    1 lbs 0 oz

    U.S. Suggested Retail




    We've got the accessories you need to make your new Browning ProSteel gun safe perfect.

    Sometimes it's the add-ons and special accessories that make all the difference. Click above right to see all the available items for your safe. This includes important things like dehumidifies (electric and non-electric), electronic lock options, Lighting packages, guns socks and more.

    The most important thing to know is that all our accessories and add-ons are built to the same level of quality and performance as our safes. Each is designed to work with our safes effortlessly and with the proper fits. Some are extremely technical and are produced for us by the industry's best under our direction. Other accessories are a bit less technical, but when we have a choice of quality, we make them to our standards. Choosing Browning safe accessories give you what you need: confidence.  


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