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DuoPlus & Ultimate Interiors

DuoPlus & Ultimate Interiors
Product Description

Duo-Plus Interior
The versatile patent pending Duo-Plus Interior is now standard on many of Browning’s better safes. It adds an innovative, door-mounted long gun rack to the already versatile Duo Interior. While the shelf/rack area of the Duo-Plus is shallower than a comparable safe with the Duo Interior, the door-mounted rack increases the safe’s long gun capacity. Plus, guns stored on the door rack are easier to access.

The Duo-Plus Interior in a 30" wide safe creates a 11/22 + 7 configuration. The numbering system indicates the number of guns a safe will hold. For example, a Duo-Plus 30" safe will hold 11 guns with shelves installed and 22 without shelves, plus 7 in the door rack. Since the door rack can be used whether or not the shelves are installed, the total capacity becomes 18 with shelves and 29 without shelves.

Duo Interior
The convertible Duo Interior is standard on most Browning/ProSteel safes. It provides outstanding value thanks to convertible storage configurations. Safes are shipped with half-shelves on the left side and a gun rack on the right side of the interior for storage of both long guns and smaller items on the shelves. Simply remove the half-shelves and add the second gun rack in place of the top shelf to convert the safe into an all gun configuration.The Duo Interior allows customers the flexibility to adapt the safe as their needs change. Interiors for each safe model are described with two numbers, for example, 14/28 Duo. The first number is the long gun capacity with the shelves installed, and the second is the capacity in the all-gun configuration.

Ultimate Interior
The Ultimate Interior provides maximum flexibility for changing needs, fully converting to either an all-gun, all-shelf or part-gun/part-shelf interior. The door-mounted rack from the Duo-Plus Interior is included to allow long gun storage regardless of the interior configuration. This upgrade is available only on safes that have a Duo-Plus Interior. Factory installed only.

Product Features


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Note: Available only on models with the Duo-Plus Interior standard. Ultimate Interiors feature premium carpet.
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