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Tactical Cap Light/Knife Combo, Black
KNIFE - 440 Stainless, Tanto point, partially serrated, textured scale polymer handles, frame lock. LIGHT - Low intensity, long runtime, red/white LED, tilt clip
 Item Number
Black Label Tactical Cap Light + Knife Combo
Max Lumens
Low Lumens
Weight With Batteries
3.2 oz
Effective Distance
21 yds.
Battery Type
2032 lithium
Number of Batteries
Battery Life On High
10 hours
Battery Life On Low
48 hours
Switch Type
Secondary Color
Number of Bulbs
Bulb Type
Bulb Color
Brightness Levels
Body Material
Water Resistant

Two things you'll never miss until you really need them

Whether you're building a camp fire in the woods, trying to find your car in a dark parking lot, or trying to repair your buddy's pack with some 550 cord and "90 mile an hour" tape on a 0400 ruck march, having a decent hands free light and a sharp knife are indispensable.

Cap Light

Based on our hunting cap light, the Night Seeker, this cap light is adapted to the tactical world with red and white light modes. It emits a low intensity 19 lumen beam - bright enough to read a map, check your chamber, and even scramble along a trail in the dark without degrading your night vision or announcing your presence to anyone within a mile. The pocket clip attaches and detaches quickly and easily from the brim of your favorite hat and tilts to the angle you set it at. Being flat and small, it easily stows in the pocket of your pants, shirt or uniform blouse.


This simple and effective design epitomizes Russ Kommer design - reliable, ergonomic, and extremely useful. The tanto point is a well known and reliable design for superior penetration through tough materials. The serrated edge helps to cut through tough fibers, making it an excellent tool for cutting rope, nylon webbing and other strap like materials, suiting it as a tool for rescue/escape from a wrecked vehicle or aircraft.

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