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Semi-Auto 22, Grade VI Blued
Caliber Variations
  Caliber     Barrel Len. Weight MSRP
22 LR  19 3/8" 5 lbs 3 oz $1,579.99
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 Item Number
22 LR
Barrel Length
19 3/8"
Overall Length
Length of Pull
13 3/4"
Drop at Comb
1 3/16"
Drop at Heel
2 5/8"
5 lbs 3 oz
Magazine Capacity
Sight Radius
16 1/4"
Twist Rate
1 in 16"
Barrel Finish
Polished Blued
Stock Finish
Wood Grade
Grade I
Receiver Finish
Polished Blued
Chamber Finish
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Rear Sight
Barrel Material
Barrel Contour
Light Sporter
Stock Material
Black Walnut
Recoil Pad
Metal Butt Plate
Cut 20 LPI
Receiver Material
Trigger Finish
Gold Plated
Trigger Guard Finish
Polished Blued
Bolt Slide Finish
Brushed Polish
Magazine Type
Trigger Material
Trigger Guard Material
Trigger Guard Engraving
Buck Mark in Gold
Receiver Engraving
Roll with Gold
Drilled and Tapped for Scope
Semi-Auto 22, Grade VI Blued

In production for nearly a century, the SA-22 is unlike any other rimfire rifle on the market. Much more than "just a 22," the history of this fine rifle can be traced back to the mind of the gunmaker himself, John M. Browning, and is a lasting tribute to his genius. 

The SA-22 is sure to become your favorite plinker and varmint rifle. It is lightweight and easy to carry on a squirrel hunt, and easy to load for a day of plinking at the range. Construction quality and materials are top notch to ensure longevity and lasting beauty. The fine Walnut stock is sharply Checkered and polished to a sheen. The Grade VI is available with either a deeply blued or handsome grayed finish. Both feature engraved game scenes with gold enhancements.

The SA-22 ejects fired brass out the bottom of the receiver to make shooting a pleasure for right- and left-handed operators. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to take the rifle down into two parts — the buttstock and receiver and the forearm and barrel — for storage or to simplify cleaning.

A popular upgrade for the SA-22 is to add the aluminum scope base and a scope. This combination makes shooting more accurate and more fun than ever. When the rifle is taken down, the base and optic stay with the barrel to help ensure zero is not affected.    Get your hands on a piece of history. Pick up an SA-22 today.

  • Receiver - Steel, Takedown design, Polished blued finish, Game scene Engraving with 24 karat gold accents
  • Barrel - Polished blued finish, Drilled and tapped for scope mount
  • Action - Autoloading, Bottom ejection, Tubular magazine, Crossbolt safety
  • Stock - Gloss finish select American Walnut, Checkered
  • Features - Adjustable sights with gold bead front




Note: Weight will vary due to various grades and density of wood. Weights listed are approximate. Drop at comb measured from centerline of bore.
Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

Additional Product Information

Semi-Auto-22. A living tribute to the genius of Browning. Few autoloading rimfire rifles have endured the test of time and the marketplace like the Browning SA-22. The SA-22 is one of the first autoloading rimfire rifles ever made, and one the most desirable. One John M. Browning’s final designs, his genius shines through in every feature. The slim, forged steel receiver and slender barrel takes down into two compact units without tools.

The SA-22’s tasteful engraving and select walnut make it an object of lasting beauty and enjoyment. Though nice to look at, these rifles are meant to be enjoyed in the field as much as they are admired as heirlooms.

If one word were to describe the Semi-Auto 22 it would be "CLASSIC." Like the famous Automatic 5 shotgun or a Hi-Power pistol, the Semi-Auto 22 gives you a real sense of the incredible design skills and genius of John Moses Browning. And the quality of wood and steel will exceed your expectations. People sometimes say "they don't make 'em like they used to." With the Browning Semi-Auto 22, they still do!



The design ingenuity of John M. Browning is legendary. Experience it for yourself with one of his original designs, the classic SA-22. Quick to the shoulder and intuitive to point, the SA-22 is an enduring legend and an honor to the greatest gun inventor that has ever lived.

Takedown autoloader with bottom ejection and rear magazine tube loading. A John Moses Browning original design.

Machined from steel. Grade I engraved with scroll design and a polished, blued finish. Grade VI models available in polished blued or satin grayed finish.

Gold bead front. Adjustable, folding leaf rear. A cantilever scope mount (for 22 style grooved mounts) is available separately. The barrel (not the receiver) is drilled and tapped for these special mounts. This is important since the 22 SA is a takedown and attaching a front mounted scope base -- instead of on the reciever -- locks the scope to the barrel to optimize accuracy.

Same quality and precision as found on Browning centerfire rifles. Drilled and tapped to accept a scope mount. Precision rifling.

Blued on Grade I. Gold on Grade VI.

Manual trigger-blocking, mounted on trigger guard.

Tubular. Capacity: 10 .22 Long Rifle cartridges. Magazine is loaded through a port in the side of the stock -- and the magazine follower is pulled back for loading (or removed entirely) from the buttstock itself. A key on the end of the follower is turned to unlock and the follower pulls back. When pulled back about two-thirds of the way you can drop loaded rounds into the port on the side of the buttstock directly into the magazine tube. You then return the follower tube into the magazine tube, lock the key with a quick turn and you are ready.

Stock and Forearm
Select American walnut. Checkered with polished gloss finish.

Grade VI models deeply engraved with game scenes. Game species are 24 karat gold-plated.

Locking Device
All Browning firearms are shipped with a free locking device to assist in the safe storage of firearms.


 Download a copy of the 22 Semi-Auto Owner's Manual.


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