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BT-99 Plus
High post ventilated rib, ported barrel, grade III/IV walnut, gloss oil finish, adjustable comb, Pachmayr recoil pad, silver nitride finish steel receiver

Product Description

Imagine every desirable feature a trap shooter could want in a single gun, and you have the BT-99 Plus: A high post rib, a ported barrel for consistent follow-through, an adjustable comb, Pachma Decelerator premium recoil pad, a gloss oil finish on high grade Walnut and most off all the superior results that come from Browning's barrel making process.

Product Features

Product Specifications
  Item # Caliber Barrel
of Pull
at Comb
at Heel
SHOT SHOW SPECIAL 017078401 12   2 3/4"" 34"   51"   14 1/8"   1 1/4"   2"   8 lbs 10 oz   $2,669.99
SHOT SHOW SPECIAL 017078402 12   2 3/4"" 32"   49"   14 3/8"   1 1/4"   2"   8 lbs 10 oz   $2,699.99


              *Weights listed are approximate
              Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

SHOT Show Specials are unique products specially designed to be offered to dealers at the annual SHOT Show. They are not in the catalog and they are different from the catalog product -- sometimes substantially. These are often smaller runs of products with special features and configurations. It is often necessary to call several dealers before locating one of these due to their very limited distribution.

Additional Product Information

BT-99. The ideal competition shotgun for trapshooters of all ages.
Browning quality can be found at every level of the shooting sports. And when your chosen sport is American singles and handicap trap, the revered Browning BT-99 wins the hearts and minds of many. There is not a finer example of simplicity, quality and clay-busting performance than the classic BT-99. When it was introduced in 1969, it immediately gained a loyal following among both beginner and veteran shooters alike. They appreciated the consistent, reliable performance and great value the BT-99 offered. Today is no different. From the Micro that is designed to comfortably accommodate smaller shooters to the Golden Clays version with a host of extra bells and whistles, there’s a BT-99 tailor made just for you.

Browning quality at every level. From the Micro to the top-end Golden Clays model, a BT-99 will deliver all day long. There is not a better single-barrel trap gun, at any price, than the rugged BT-99. These tough, reliable guns are built to elevate your trap game. Three key features set the BT-99 apart from all the rest.

The Invector-Plus interchangeable choke tube system provides consistent, dense shot patterns in the constriction needed for your shooting situation. The longer choke taper inside an Invector-Plus choke tube works with Back-Bored Technology to produce patterns with more uniform densities and fewer flyers. The superior design eliminates gases slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage the choke tube and the barrel.

The BT-99 features a chrome-plated chamber to resist the toll thousands of shells can take on lesser quality guns. Corrosion resistance is also greatly improved.

Longer, tapered Vector Pro dimensions minimize shot deformation and maximize pattern uniformity, consistency and density. Back-boring increases bore diameter specifications and decreases friction between the shot cup and the bore to maximize shot pellet velocity and reduce felt recoil. Reducing constriction from the forcing cone on the shot column results in fewer deformed pellets for more uniform patterns, and keeps more pellets in the central part of the pattern where they’re needed to smoke clays.

Barrel The BT-99 features a back-bored barrel and utilizes the Invector-Plus™ choke tube system to provide more consistent patterns and reduce felt recoil.

Chokes Interchangeable Invector-Plus™.

Forearm Bold beavertail forearm helps absorb recoil and assist hand-eye coordination.

Extractor The BT-99 features an extractor only.

Rib High-post, 11/32" rib.

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