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Historic Product

Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind

lightweight alloy receiver, Lightning Trigger, Speed Lock Forearm, Power Drive Gas System, autoloader shotgun
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Receiver - Strong, lightweight aluminum alloy
Barrel - Lightweight profile • Flat, ventilated rib
Action - Gas-operated autoloader • 3" and 3 1/2" chamber models • New Power Drive Gas System reduces recoil and cycles a wide range of loads
Stock - Composite stock with close radius pistol grip • Speed Lock Forearm • Textured gripping surfaces • Mossy Oak® Duck Blind® camo finish • Dura-Touch® Armor Coating
Features - Vector Pro™ lengthened forcing cone • Three Invector-Plus™ choke tubes • Inflex Technology recoil pad • Lightning Trigger SystemMagazine Cut-OffTurnkey Magazine Plug

Camo finishes on today's modern firearms has nearly been perfected, if not perfect now. They adhere well, blend in perfectly with the intended surroundings and protect the gun from scratches, dings and the weather. The Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind does more than just conceal possible glare, shine and add a protective finish. It is the best camo out there, and Browning has teamed with Mossy Oak to produce the best camo finishes ever for the best firearms in the business.

The Duck Blind finish is ideal for the marsh, and that would include flooded timber, cattails, reeds, open water, jump shooting and even hunkering down against a dike among the rocks and gravel. This a light gun to carry long distances if you have to ride a bike or walk to the hunting site. It features all of the deluxe, hunter-friendly components of any Maxus model, including Invector-Plus tubes and the Lightning Trigger System. This is the gun for waterfowling, upland game or even sport shooting. The Mossy Oak Duckblind camo finish is coated with Dura-Tough Armor Coating. If you pick the shotgun up, it feels a tad sticky. Where you place your hands is pretty much where they want to stay. Not that iit is a tacky feel, but just a very sure feel. It makes the gun easier to pick up, handle, shoulder and fire. It aids in packing the gun and lessens your worries of any cosmetic damages. It provides a true outdoor-element shedding tool with a superior gripping surface.  You know you already trust the action and the workings on the inside, now trust the rugged camo-finished Maxus shotguns on the outside.

(Note: The items listed on this page are not in current production. The MSRP listed here is the MSRP for the last year that this item was in the catalog. Images and descriptions shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.)
Last Year Cataloged Item # Caliber Barrel
of Pull
at Comb
at Heel
0 011601203 12 Ga   3 1/2" 30"   51 1/4"   14 1/4"   1 3/4"   2"   7 lbs 1.6 oz   $0.01
2013 011601204 12 Ga   3 1/2" 28"   49"   14 1/4"   1 3/4"   2"   7 lbs 2 oz   $1,599.99
2013 011601205 12 Ga   3 1/2" 26"   47"   14 1/4"   1 3/4"   2"   7 lbs 0 oz   $1,599.99
2013 011601304 12 Ga   3" 28"   49"   14 1/4"   1 3/4"   2"   7 lbs 2 oz   $1,469.99
2013 011601305 12 Ga   3" 26"   47"   14 1/4"   1 3/4"   2"   7 lbs 0 oz   $1,469.99

*NOTE: Weights listed are approximate.
Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

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