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Historic Product

X-Bolt Stainless Stalker Carbon Fiber Fluted

Fluted barrel, carbon fiber Dura-Touch finish, matte stainless, detachable rotary magazine, short throw bolt, adjustable trigger, bolt-action
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A stream-lined bolt-action rifle

Combining sports car style with pickup truck utility, the X-Bolt Stainless Stalker Carbon Fiber Fluted rifle has undeniable appeal. The reduced weight fluted barrel combined with the carbon fiber weave pattern on the stock lend a futuristic feel to a rifle that is truly one of the most advanced bolt-action sporting rifles around.

  • Barrel, action, trigger guard and other metal surfaces feature matte Stainless steel to minimize reflection and provide resistance to corrosion.
  • Dura-Touch Armor Coating provides positive gripping surface that is both comfortable and easy to hold onto during all weather conditions
  • Button-Rifled barrel is triple checked for quality and individually hand chambered and air gauged to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • The target Crown enables the uniform release of gas as the bullet exits the barrel, preventing a shift in trajectory. The Crown is recessed to protect it from accidental damage that degrades accuracy.
  • Free floated barrel eliminates contact interference from the fore-end, enabling the superior barrel craftsmanship to perform consistently and accurately.
  • Drilled and tapped for X-Lock scope mounts that use four screws for each base to provide a rock solid optic platform.
  • Adjustable Feather Trigger minimizes the "human factor" by eliminating creep and take-up — providing a crisp trigger pull that "breaks like glass."
  • Low profile action allows you to mount the scope extremely close to the center of the bore to minimize the offset between point of aim and Point of Impact.
  • 60° bolt lift keeps the thumb and fingers clear of the scope when cycling the action and allows the bolt to be operated in a smoother/quicker motion.
  • Top-tang safety offers easy accessibility without removing your firing hand from the stock. The shooter can quickly manipulate the safety, or verify the position of the safety, without losing your sight picture or cheek weld.
  • Detachable Rotary magazine is built from tough polymer and is designed to stop forward movement of the cartridge by contacting the shoulder of the case rather than the tip of the projectile. This prevents bullet tip deformation and recoil induced bullet seating depth change.
  • Bolt Unlock Button allows the bolt to be cycled with the safety engaged.
  • Innovative Inflex Technology recoil pad uses directional deflection to pull the stock down and away from the face to reduce perceived recoil.

(Note: The items listed on this page are not in current production. The MSRP listed here is the MSRP for the last year that this item was in the catalog. Images and descriptions shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.)

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Last Year Cataloged Item # Caliber Barrel
of Pull
at Comb
at Heel
2011 SA 035240211 243 Win   22"   41 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 3 oz   $1,349.00
2011 SA 035240216 7mm-08 Rem   22"   41 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 3 oz   $1,349.00
2011 LA 035240223 25-06 Rem   24"   44 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 11 oz   $1,349.00
2011 LA 035240225 280 Rem   22"   42 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 9 oz   $1,349.00
2011 LA 035240227 7mm Rem Mag   26"   46 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 13 oz   $1,389.00
2011 LA 035240231 338 Win Mag   26"   46 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 13 oz   $1,389.00
2011 SA 035240249 7mm WSM   23"   42 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 6 oz   $1,389.00
2011 SA 035240277 325 WSM   23"   42 3/4"   13 5/8"   5/8"   1/2"   6 lbs 6 oz   $1,389.00

Weights listed are approximate. Drop at comb and heel are measured from centerline of bore.
Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

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