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Citori XS Skeet Adjustable Comb

Citori XS Skeet Adjustable Comb

• Receiver - Steel, Silver nitride finish, Gold accented, high-relief Engraving • Barrel - Lightweight profile, 26" and 28" ventilated rib, Ported • Action - Single selective trigger, Hammer ejectors, Top-tang barrel selector/safety • Stock - Satin finish Grade II/III Walnut stock with right-hand palm swell, Semi-beavertail forearm with finger grooves • Features - Three choke tubes, Triple Trigger™ System, Hi-Viz® Pro-Comp fiber-optic sight, Adjustable comb

Refer to the listing under "Features" for full details on choke tubes provided for each different model and gauge.

Yes, you figured it out. This model is just like the Citori XS Skeet with the addition of an adjustable comb. Browning's proven adjustable comb design that is. It can take the hammering of skeet shooting and stay put. This is the model for you if you have special fit consideration, or if no 'unadjusted" gun is ever just right. We understand.

It is all about the feel and intensity of being in the competition. Nothing gets your blood going like stepping onto the first station at the start of a hot skeet game competition. And no other over under shotgun is more perfect for the game than the Citori XS Skeet.

Its lightweight profile, ventilated top and side rib barrel becomes an extension of your body, so you swing and follow-through with ease. Its pistol grip and palm swell fits your hand like a glove, same position every time. You point and swing naturally, accurately, busting birds left and right. It shoots like a dream, especially after you have tailored the adjustable comb to your personal specs. With its gold-accented Engraving, satin finish Grade III/IV Walnut stock and forearm, and silver nitride finished receiver, the Citori XS skeet will blow the competition away.

Look for it. You'll find it busting birds all over the world's finest ranges.

(Note: The items listed on this page are not in current production. The MSRP listed here is the MSRP for the last year that this item was in the catalog. Images and descriptions shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.)
Last Year Cataloged Item # Caliber Barrel
of Pull
at Comb
at Heel
2013 013066427 12 Ga   2 3/4" 30"   47 1/2"   14 3/8"   1 7/8"   1 7/8"   8 lbs 4 oz   $3,599.99
2013 013066428 12 Ga   2 3/4" 28"   45 1/2"   14 3/8"   1 7/8"   1 7/8"   8 lbs 2 oz   $3,599.99
2013 013066727 20 Ga   2 3/4" 30"   47 1/2"   14 3/8"   1 7/8"   1 7/8"   7 lbs 9 oz   $3,599.99
2013 013066728 20 Ga   2 3/4" 28"   45 1/2"   14 3/8"   1 7/8"   1 7/8"   7 lbs 7 oz   $3,599.99

NOTE: Weight will vary due to various grades and density of wood. Weights listed are approximate.
Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

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