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     Hell's Canyon

While nearly every mountain range has a location of this name, the Hell’s Canyon located in Utah’s rugged Wasatch Mountains deserves its name. It has a reputation for holding giant mule deer, and for being nearly impossible to hunt due to horrific terrain and thick brush. Old timers hunted this country in heavy canvas and leather. While these materials resisted tears and abrasions, they were noisy, heavy, soaked up water and provided little or no insulation. Fortunately, thanks to modern fabrications and technology, all this has changed.

The new Browning Hell’s Canyon hunting apparel was engineered with three things in mind: Ruggedness, weather-resistance and quietness. The three-layer fleece fabric is built to withstand the punishment of places like Hell’s Canyon, where the abuse from jagged rocks and twisted branches will destroy lesser fabrics. It is also 100% windproof and highly water-resistant to handle any conditions, all while being soft and quiet enough to keep from alerting wary game, allowing you to concentrate on the hunt instead of what you are wearing. Hell's Canyon lightweight camouflage is an essential part of any serious big game hunter's outdoor kit.

In addition to the ultra quiet short knap fleece exterior, Hell's Canyon is available in Realtree and Moss Oak camouflage patterns, offering you a choice between two of the mostly widely recognized producers of hunting camouflage in North America.  In order to reduce your scent signature, Odorsmart anti-bacterial technology is built into the lining our the jackets, pants, and bibs.

Tough as nails, our Hell's Canyon is a top-seller because it offers tremendous value and performance. The rugged 3-Layer fabric is both water and wind-resistant. The moisture-wicking OdorSmart fleece on the inside keeps your warm and helps control human odor. Go the distance in Hell's Canyon.

Lighter weight Hell's Canyon Full Throttle gear brings a level high performance to your hunt. The 2-layer fabric features a rugged water and wind-resistant outer shell bonded to moisture-wicking OdorSmart featherweight fleece on the inside. Because there is no lamination layer, there is less resistance to airflow through the fabric for increased breathability. You will stay dry and comfortable in warmer weather and higher activity levels as perspiration is quickly moved away from your body. Crank up the intensity of your next hunt with Hell's Canyon Full Throttle.


Hell's Canyon Nitro is high intensity adaptation of the classic Hell's Canyon jacket and pants.  Designed to offer greater protection from the elements without sacrificing the durability, quietness, and freedom of movement of the original Hell's Canyon technical outerwear, Nitro offers fully taped seams, a YKK AquaGuard Vislon zipper, and Pre-Vent construction to make it completely water and wind proof.

Hell's Canyon Nitro adapts the Vari-Tech technology we've developed for our high intensity Dirty Bird waterfowl outdoor clothing.  Using the same 3-layer lamination you'll find in the original Hell's Canyon construction, we've added 100 gram insulation only in the body of the jacket to preserve core body temperature. Fully articulated elbows allow full range of motion with comfort and speed.

Vari-Tech Temperature and Motion Design adds highly tailored pleated leg construction that is pre-curved to follow the natural bend of your knee. This means less bunching of material behind your knee when sitting or climbing into your stand, and greater ease of motion when your hunt requires active movement through brush, mud and deadfall. 

Hell's Canyon gloves are made from the same water-resistant material used to create the original jacket and pants - with the addition of a grip and durability enhancing overlay on the palm, and a stretch fit cuff.  The beanie and performance fleece hoodie are made from a stretchable fleece material that is smooth on the outside - the hoodie, designed for wear in warmer weather is a proven hit that you will love wearing everywhere due to its comfortable design and good looks.


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