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     Bird'n Lite Upland Gear

The Bird'n Lite upland hunting vest and jacket line from Browning is a game changer. Upland hunters are immersed in tradition. It’s all about being afield with a good dog, a well-traveled Citori® and feeling the heft of shells and birds swinging in your favorite vest. Now’s the time to upgrade your upland gear and check out Browning’s new Bird’n Lite series. Bird’n Lite jackets and vests feature an integrated load-bearing system that lifts the load higher and balances it between your shoulders and hips for more comfort and stability, all without sacrificing the look of traditional upland hunting gear. With Bird’n Lite, you can carry more, with less effort, for far longer than you would ever have wanted to with your old hunting vest. Start a new tradition with Browning’s new Bird’n Lite jackets and vests. Click here or above to enter the Bird'n Lite Interactive Experience (requires Flash-enabled browser).



Bird'n Lite Jacket and Vest -- A heavy upland hunting vest can mean many things. Perhaps you brought too many shells and haven't had enough shooting. Maybe you've limited out and your limit of pheasants or grouse is pleasantly heavy in the game bag, and it's a long walk back to the truck. Say you packed too much lunch and a lot of water for the dog. For whatever reason, your old upland game vest can be a reason for sore shoulders and back at the end of the day. Browning's new Bird'n Lite upland hunting jackets and vests make your day in the field much more comfortable, and there are good reasons why this upland gear is better than any other system on the market.

It is a matter of proper weight distribution. Sure, you have the muscle to carry a lot of weight when hunting, but the Bird'n Lite technology makes it easier so you can hunt more comfortably and hunt longer. If you've got a bad back or have had some lower back pain, the new technology of the Bird'n Lite vest or jacket will help you keep hunting. And, the design that has gone into the this vest and jacket makes common sense in using more of your upper body muscles to distribute the weight. Browning Technology in outdoor hunting clothing has done it first. 

First, the wide nylon shoulder straps transfer the load to your shoulders, yet do not interfere with shouldering your shotgun and swinging through the bird. The quick-release sternum strap which buckles around your chest keeps your shoulder straps centered and in place for comfortable balance and less fatigue.. This prevents shifting and chafing from the shoulder straps.

Second, take-up side straps are easily and quickly adjusted within the game bag pockets. End straps and buckles won't be flapping about around your torso, and you can tighten or loosen them as needed for a snug fit. They let you place your load's center of gravity where it's most comfortable to carry. And, when straps and buckles are loose or worse, non-existent, a game vest becomes bulky and the weight distribution shifts.

Third, by further advanced design, the entire weight of the jacket or vest is evenly distributed between your shoulders and hips. Your hips and waist area are very strong, and not used in weight-bearing in your older jacket or vest. The Browning Bird n Lite garment utilizes the positioning of your hips to help carry the load, supporting your lower back An adjustable waist belt secures and stabilizes and transfers the load to your hips. Its wide, tough nylon construction makes it comfortable for walking, hiking and carrying everything you need for a terrific day afield with your buddies and dog. The wide, quick-release composite buckle allows for quick and easy on and off, whether you're at the truck or a mile or two across the fields. 

It would be smart to get a jacket and vest so you will be prepared for changing weather conditions. Both have the upper chest and shoulder area and half sleeves in Blaze with the rest of the garments in Khaki, with or without a Pheasants Forever embroidered logo.

Additional information and links. Take a close look at all our Bird'n Lite bird hunting vests and jackets and you will agree they all offer the Browning quality advantage. Upland hunting, upland shotguns and upland hunting clothing are part of the Browning tradition of great outdoor clothes and gear.

Upland gear.

Bird 'n Lite.

The entire Browning Bird'n Lite upland system of jackets, vests and other technical gear is an independent product line development and is not associated with Pella Outdoor Clothing.

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