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     Choke Tubes

Demanding shooters know that selecting the right choke tube for a specific hunting situation or challenging target presentation is a key factor in making a successful shot. That’s why Browning offers such a wide selection of choke tubes, ranging from Extra-Full constrictions for turkey, coyote and goose hunters to pattern-spreading Timber n’ Teal tubes for close-in waterfowling. Every Browning choke tube is made to exacting standards to provide years of dependable service.

Browning was one of the orginal innovators involved in developing choke tubes to increase versatility of a shotgunner's barrels. Now a shooter could easily change tubes without changing barrels. The original Browning Invector Choke tube system was extremely innovative for hunters, allowing a fast, convenient and effective system for adjusting the pattern to the game and distance..

The Invector Choke Tube system utilized barrels with internal threads to screw in chokes of the shooter's choice. A wrench was supplied to facilitate removal and installation of tubes. Popular choke constrictions were offered, including Extra Full Turkey tubes and rifled chokes for deer hunting, using Sabot, slugs or heavy buckshot.

Shortly after the introduction of the Invector System, Browning introduced the Invector-Plus system. These new tubes were made to fit in back-bored barrels. For many years, trap shooters had been back-boring (over boring) their barrels to decrease recoil, allowing the shot to disperse more uniformly, therefore providing more consistent patterns. Browning offered many more choices in tubes such as longer tubes to change barrel balance, specialty tubes for deer and turkey, as well as sporting clays, trap and skeet. Shooters can take tubes in the field now and adapt quickly to changing shooting choke requirements. The line has expanded to over dozens of different configurations of high quality steel tubes for your shotgun.

The more recent breakthough in choke design --  the INVECTOR-DS --  provides the most consistent, high performance patterns ever. New constriction geometry actually makes a scaled approach from the tightest to the most open pattern more consistent than ever thought possible. Click here for more on the Invector-DS system.

More Details on each choke system:


  • Invector-DS choke tubes combine muzzle-end threads and thin-wall construction for a longer, more gradual taper that produces extremely consistent, dense shot pa tterns that tighten consistently in reliable, evenly scaled steps.
  • Muzzle threads minimize the flare at the end of the barr el for improved appearance, a faster swing and improved balance.
  • The “DS” stands for double-seal. Our proprietary differential-banded brass seal compresses against the barrel wall to keep the choke tube threads clean and make installation and removal easier than any other muzzle thread system.
  • Invector-DS is standard on A5 and Cit ori 725 models


  • The Invector-Plus interchangeable choketube system works with Vector-Pro and Back-Bored Technology to offer consistent, dense shot patterns.
  • The longer choke taper inside an Invector-Plus choke tube produces consistent patterns and is far more durable than choke systems in competitors’ guns, especially with steel shot.
  • Invector-Plus eliminates gases slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage the choke tube and the barrel.
  • Invector-Plus is standard on 12 and 20 gauge Maxus, Citori, Cynergy, Silver, BPS and BT-99 models.

Standard Invector (the original)

  • The Standard Invector interchangeable choke tube system is for Browning’s non back-bored barrels and offers consistent, dense shot pa tterns. It’s far more durable than the choke systems found in competitors’ guns, especially with steel shot.
  • Standard Invector eliminates gases slipping between the choke tube and barrel that could damage the choke tube and the barrel and it's s tandard on 10, 16 and 28 gauge, and .410 bore Citori, Cynergy, Gold and BPS models.
  • See pages 161 through 164 for a complete listing of choke tubes. 

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