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Hell's Canyon, Outdoor Hunting and Shooting Clothing

Hell’s Canyon — See You There.

The new Hell's Canyon technical outerwear has arrived. Browning Hell’s Canyon has made a name for itself as tough, all-conditions gear. Now it’s revamped and badder than ever with additional styles and new technologies like ADDVANCED SCENT CONTROL that satisfy your specialized needs, and look great doing it.

The entire Hell’s Canyon line has been redesigned and now includes ultra light rain wear, PrimaLoft® insulated models, lightweight styles for warmer temperatures, tough 3-Layer gear and even base layers. Exclusive Pre-Vent fabrics offer the tough performance a name like Hell’s Canyon implies. PrimaLoft insulation provides an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. If that isn’t enough, the addition of the ladies Hell’s Belles line brings hardcore hunting gear and excellent protection to outdoorswomen.


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While nearly every mountain range has a location of this name, the Hell’s Canyon located in Utah’s rugged Wasatch Mountains deserves its name more than many. It has a reputation for holding giant mule deer, and for being nearly impossible to hunt due to horrific terrain and thick brush. Old timers hunted this country in heavy canvas and leather. While these materials resisted tears and abrasions, they were noisy, heavy, soaked up water and provided little or no insulation. Fortunately, thanks to Browning's modern fabrications and technology, all this has changed.

The new Browning Hell’s Canyon hunting apparel was engineered with three things in mind: Ruggedness, weather-resistance and quietness. The three-layer fleece fabric is built to withstand the punishment of places like Hell’s Canyon, where the abuse from jagged rocks and twisted branches will destroy lesser fabrics. It is also 100% windproof and highly water-resistant to handle any conditions, all while being soft and quiet enough to keep from alerting wary game, allowing you to concentrate on the hunt instead of what you are wearing. Hell's Canyon lightweight camouflage is an essential part of any serious big game hunter's outdoor kit. 

In addition to the ultra quiet short knap fleece exterior, Hell's Canyon is available in Realtree and Moss Oak camouflage patterns, offering you a choice between two of the mostly widely recognized producers of hunting camouflage in North America.  In order to reduce your scent signature, Odorsmart anti-bacterial technology is built into the lining our the jackets, pants, and bibs.





The Original Gets Better.
Redesigned for 2014, Hell’s Canyon Soft Shell is essential gear. The rugged 3-Layer fabric tackles tough country, yet is quiet enough for serious bow hunters. The jacket includes the Harness Access System and the pants  feature improved fit for increased comfort. Both the jacket and pants also feature revolutionary ADDVANCED SCENT CONTROL to get you closer to game than ever before. 

Ultra-lite With Maximum features.
For hunting in early season conditions, it’s tough to beat Hell’s Canyon  Ultra-Lite. The focus here is on breathability and mobility, making Ultra-Lite ideal if you are an active hunter who covers miles of ground. It is also great  for cold weather when worn over an insulation layer like down, fleece or PrimaLoft®. New ADDVANCED SCENT CONTrOL puts you closer to game  with less chance of detection.

Ultra-lite for Her.
Highly breathable, Hell’s Belles Ultra-Lite is ideal for warmer weather or covering lots of ground in search of a trophy. When layered over an insulation piece, versatility is extended to much colder weather. Browning’s new ADDVANCED SCENT CONTrOL is particularly useful for bow hunters where getting game up close is a must.



Maximum Versatility.
The 4-in-1 parka concept may be considered by some as “old school” but  we believe it is alive and well. Hell’s Canyon takes the idea up a notch by eliminating weight and bulk, and adding extra features for enhanced performance. The reversible zip-out liner features PrimaLoft® insulation  that ensures maximum warmth with minimum weight.

Just in Case. . .  
There is no excuse to get caught in a storm without Hell’s Canyon packable rain gear. The ultralight construction offers maximum protection and stuffs easily into a pack to go along anywhere unnoticed.

Warmth Without Bulk.
As an outerwear piece for layering, PrimaLoft® can’t be beat. It has become the premier insulation because of its high warmth-to-weight ratio and ability to shed water so you stay warm if it gets damp. Combined with a waterproof shell, the Hell’s Canyon PrimaLoft Jacket becomes an effective mid-layer for protection against cold, wet conditions.

It’s All About Layering.
Whether as an outer layer in warm, dry weather or as a mid-layer when temperatures fall, Browning Performance Fleece offers versatility, warmth and technical features and fabrics  not found on lesser products.

The Bedrock of Comfort.
The best jacket in the world will fail to keep you dry and warm if the  moisture all comes from the inside. Hell’s Canyon base layers are designed  to effectively manage perspiration, transferring it away from your skin.

Layer Up.
The concept of layering is time-tested and vital to maintaining comfort when hunting. Browning’s expanded line of base layers ensures that you will have the right combination for optimum warmth and comfort.     

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