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Cleaning Supplies & Tools, Hunting and Shooting Accessories

Your prized firearm means a lot to you, whether it was purchased new or handed down from grandfather. Every firearm can last a lifetime with proper care. It is the shooter's responsibility and a matter of personal safety that he keep his firearm clean and lubricated. Browning recommends you clean your firearm after each outing.

Make certain the gun is not loaded by checking the bore, the magazine, the barrel and complete action. Open and close the action several times to make certain there are no shells left. Leave the action open and try to clean from the breech to the muzzle if possible. This prevents debris from falling into the action (receiver) when a rod is pushed into the barrel.

Clean with patches or a barrel weasel offered by Browning. Run the weasel or patches through several times. Inspect the bore. Clean the receiver, magazine, breech area ejectors, cylinders, bores, etc. with a good solvent. Using toothbrushes, cotton swabs, helps to get into the small areas. Compressed air works well, being careful not to dislodge small parts.

Browning offers a complete lineup of bore cleaners, gun cleaners, greases and oils. Use Browning Lube Shot to give the firearm a final, light coating of oil. Make certain that the coating is light enough that it will not run into the wood parts of the gun, as oil could cause the stock/forearm to soften.

Make certain your firearms are stored away from all ammunition, and are kept clean and dry, preferably in a safe, away from unwanted hands.

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