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4X Microfleece Gloves

4X Microfleece Gloves
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4X Microfleece Gloves 4X Microfleece Gloves

You'll reach for the incredibly versatile 4X Microfleece Gloves for everything from cool spring turkey hunts to fall deer hunts. These warm, wind-resistant gloves block out the chill to keep your fingers warm enough to work a call or squeeze a trigger. The form-fitting design offers a fit so comfortable and non-binding, you'll forget you even have them on.

  • Highly constructed microfiber fleece is wind-resistant and extremely quiet
  • Form-fitting design with textured palm and thumb overlay

(Note: The items listed on this page are not in current production. The MSRP listed here is the MSRP for the last year that this item was in the catalog. Images and descriptions shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.)
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Last Year in Catalog Item Number  Color  Size   MSRP   
2012 3078562001   Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity  S $31.00
2012 3078562002   Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity  M $31.00
2012 3078562003   Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity  L $31.00
2012 3078562004   Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity  XL $31.00
2012 3078562101   Realtree AP  S $29.00
2012 3078562102   Realtree AP  M $29.00
2012 3078562103   Realtree AP  L $29.00
2012 3078562104   Realtree AP  XL $29.00
2010 3078561401   Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®  S $26.00
2010 3078561402   Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®  M $26.00
2010 3078561403   Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®  L $26.00
2010 3078561404   Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®  XL $26.00
2010 3078561801   Mossy Oak® Treestand™  S $26.00
2010 3078561802   Mossy Oak® Treestand™  M $26.00
2010 3078561803   Mossy Oak® Treestand™  L $26.00
2010 3078561804   Mossy Oak® Treestand™  XL $26.00

Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

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