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     Hunting and Shooting Accessories

If you’re a seasoned shooter or just getting started in the shooting or hunting sports, you need top-notch supportive gear such as bags, choke tubes, hearing protection and protective eye wear, to name just a few.

Browning supports hunters and shooters with an array of fine Gun and Shooting Accessories, offering tough, reliable gear to complement fine firearms of all models and help you concentrate on getting the game. Whether in the field or at the range, there are gun slings, gun cleaning kits and cleaners, shell belts, shooting glasses, sights, hearing protection and other products you need to keep guns clean, on target and to keep you hunting and shooting.

One of the most often searched for items here on Browning.com is extra magazines for your rifle or pistol. Shown at right is an accessory X-Bolt magazine. Very handy. Click the picture to go to a listing of all the available magazines for all Browning rifles and pistols: X-Bolts,  A-Bolts, BARs, BLRs, Hi Powers, Buck Marks and 1911-22s --  as well as the Buck Mark Rifle. Even the A-Bolt Shotgun.

What else? You never have to put up with inferior slings that slip off or dig into your shoulder. Browning Gun Accessories are the best, and perform, whether you’re after deep winter Canada geese or wary coyotes.. Our shooting glasses are performance eyewear made for hunters, not just sunglasses.

Bases and rings also continue to be a top item. Browning provides bases and/or rings for all current models as well as many historic guns.

This year there are more new accessory items than ever. One great product is made to complement the Browning 1911-22 pistol -- the 1911-22 Holster. 

Here is a quick video from the product manager on the leather holster. Supplies are limited on the special edition product. Contact your dealer for availability.


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