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Standard Invector

  Item Number  Description
1130251   INV STD FULL,10  
1130253   INV STD FULL,12  
1130254   INV STD FULL,16  
1130255   INV STD FULL,20  
1130256   INV STD FULL, 28  
1130257   INV STD FULL, 410  
1130263   INV STD IMP MOD,12  
1130271   INV STD MOD,10  
1130273   INV STD MOD,12  
1130274   INV STD MOD,16  
1130275   INV STD MOD,20  
1130276   INV STD MOD, 28  
1130277   INV STD MOD, 410  
1130281   INV STD IMP CYL,10  
1130283   INV STD IMP CYL,12  
1130284   INV STD IMP CYL,16  
1130285   INV STD IMP CYL,20  
1130286   INV STD IMP CYL, 28  
1130287   INV STD IMP CYL, 410  
1130293   INV STD SKEET,12  
1130294   INV STD SKEET,16  
1130295   INV STD SKEET,20  
1130296   INV STD SKEET, 28  
1130297   INV STD SKEET, 410  
1130303   INV STD CYL,12  
1130304   INV STD CYL,16  
1130305   INV STD CYL,20  
1130311   INV STD X FULL SPL,10  
1130323   INV STD X FULL TRAP,12  
1130343   INV STD X FULL TKY,12  
1130363   INV STD RIF DEER MAT,12  
Details For: INV STD FULL,10
 Item Number
17-4 Stainless Steel
Choke Gauge
Choke Pattern Percentage
Choke Notches
4.8 oz


  • Standard Invector™ tubes are available in constrictions ranging from Cylinder to Extra-Full
  • Produces excellent patterns with excellent uniform densities
  • All Browning tubes are set to industry constriction standards
  • Flush fit does not extend beyond end of barrel
  • Constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability

For details on choke constrictions, abbreviations and performace go to the Tech Term called Choke Tube Identification. Standard Invector choke tubes may offer different/lower performance than extended choke tubes (Invector Plus and Invector-DS) and special purpose tubes as explained under the Choke Tube Indentification Tech Term. 

Images, photographs, etc. shown do not necessarily represent the product in its entirety. They are shown for examples only.

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