Dura-Touch® Armor Coating is a unique stock treatment specifically designed to improve the grip and overall feel of a rifle or shotgun while protecting the stock with an armor-like finish. Dura-Touch is applied in a special two-step process, resulting in a surface that feels quite unlike anything before. Once treated, a stock feels almost velvety smooth, yet is very tactile in all weather conditions and temperature ranges, in addition to being extremely durable.

Dura-Touch is appreciated by many cold weather hunters for the way it adds just a bit of "warmth" to the touch on cold mornings, compared to the chill of a bare composite stock.

While Dura-Touch is not indestructible, it does add an extra layer of durability to the finish of  shotgun and rifle stocks utilizing it. When kept clean with a damp cloth (using a bit of mild dish soap at times), and by avoiding harsh chemicals (primarily solvents and especially avoiding DEET), the Dura-Touch finish has proven to provide hunters with years of service. You may wish to check out one of our owner's manuals (available online) for maintenance instructions. When it was introduced Dura-Touch was hailed as a revolution. It remains today a key added feature of many of our guns that avid hunters desire and appreciate.