SHOT Show 2018 Starts January 23.

The big show for the hunting, shooting and outdoor trade. Yes, the SHOT Show is a trade show . . .  so unless you own a store or work for a sporting goods store you probably won't be there. At least in person. But all is not lost. Follow us here on the Browning website January 23 through the 26th and you won't miss out on all the news and announcements. The SHOT Show is where many of the newest and best product are introduced to dealers and the media. The SHOT Show is the largest Hunting, Shooting and Outdoor Trade Show in the world. It has everything: new product introductions, special show only products, plus visits from celebrities including TV and film personalities -- all of them, people who like guns and the outdoors. And it is where we introduce the famed Browning SHOT Show Specials. You don't want to miss them, so please stand by. We will start posting announcements to social media on Monday the 22nd.

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What happens at the SHOT Show? New product introductions for 2018 including Browning Firearms, Clothing, Gun Safes, Knives, Lights and tons of other new gear.

Browning SHOT Show specials are really big. These are some of the most interesting and often rarest of all Browning products. They are available for order by dealers for a limited time. So don't be surprised if a special is one of the most impressive new products of the year. In a few cases, these products go on to become the hit in-line products in next year's catalog. NOT ALL SHOT SHOW SPECIALS APPEAR ON OUR WEBSITE. But you will find most of the firearms specials under each respective firearms model. 

TV Personalities. It is where all the pros, personalities and celebrities of the hunting and shooting business hang out. And we will do our best to cover them and their adventures throughout the show.  

The SHOT Show is a trade show, so all of us regular consumers cannot attend in person, but you can "attend" by following the show here on

Media Day at the SHOT Show is like no other event ever. All of the most famouse and fun-to-follow gun writers and hunting TV personalities are there shooting, testing, reviewing and having a blast with all the new firearms. Browning is always there and this year was a big one for us. Watch the videos from Media Day to get first hand input on the best guns of the year from Browning. 

Videos from the 2018 Media Day will be here starting January 23rd.

The Bartholow Brothers give a review on new Browning guns at the 2017 SHOT Show.