Watch Browning's first 360 degree video.

The Wicked Wing video is virtually our best ever.

Watch it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Watch the first ever 360 degree video from Browning. You can watch it like any other video. Just open the video on Youtube, then control what you see by moving around the 360 degree video using your mouse on your compouter or your finger on your phone or tablet. You control what you see: right, left, up or down. Learn about our great new products in a way never experienced before. 

Most VR head sets -- for example the Oculus Rift -- are compatible with Youtube 360 videos and with the Wicked Wing video. Try yours out right now. 

Watch 360 degree videos in Cardboard


Google Cardboard lets you experience virtual reality in a simple and fun way. With Cardboard and the YouTube mobile app, you can even watch 360 degree videos for an immersive experience.

  1. Get Google Cardboard and assemble it
  2. Open the YouTube app by selecting the Wicked Wing 360 video. 
  3. 360 videos will have this avatar: 
  4. Tap the cardboard icon . You'll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens
  5. Insert your phone into Cardboard
  6. Look around to view the video in 360 degrees 

Note: To use Cardboard with iOS devices, you'll need to have iOS 9.

Google Cardboard is one way to watch a 360/VR video.