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Welcome to Browning's Trophy Case. Here you will view some of the finest animals, from deer and elk to African plains game taken throughout the world with the best hunting rifles and shotguns on the market. We encourage you to send your trophy pictures into us so we can post them here in our Trophy Case display.

Your trophy does not have to be a world record. If it is your trophy, we'd like to share it with other hunters and shooters. Just click the button below to submit your trophy for the trophy case.

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Katie Cheney
4X5 Elk

Jiri Studynka jr.
My first wild boar.

Dana Ramquist
Bull elk

Ken Fredericks
Whitetail Buck, 9 Points

Buddy Allen
8-Point whitetail buck

Darcy Caughlin, age 15
First whitetail buck, (8-point)

Todd Dewhurst
8-pt. whitetail deer

Tony Wiesner
Nice whitetail buck...139 4/8

Louie Akel
Nice whitetail buck

Abbie Rowell, 13 yrs. old
Second Buck, 9 Points

Karl Moore and the Rogers Brothers
Snow Geese

Brandon Richardson
Limit of geese

Andrew Johnson
Mallard duck

Jason Webber
Whitetail bucks

Kim Lee  
12 point whitetail buck , 209 lbs. dressed

Jody Burton
Wild Boar

Steven Schultz
10 point typical whitetail deer

Sammie Harmon & Arild Mellembakken

Jerry Dixon, Jr.
Whitetail buck, 10 pts., 17.25

Robert Rivera
Rocky Mountain Bighorn - 167 B&C score

Birthan Ray Johnson, SR.
Whitetail buck deer, 168 1/8 scored

Buddy Allen (First elk)
5x6 Bull elk

Buddy Allen, (First mule deer buck)
Mule Deer, 7-point

Nick Kokkinos
Whitetail buck, 9 points

Caleb Shaw    
A very nice brace of ducks

Adam Forsythe
11-pt. Whitetail buck deer

Jon-Whitt Golden, Age 11
Wild boar

Adam Durant, first turkey
Turkey, w/ 3 1/2

Adam Durant
8-Point Whitetail buck

7x8 Mule Deer, grossed 200 even

Richard Pierce
8-pt Whitetail deer

Mike Beck, 25
9-p.t w/ 22

Jason Zarwell
10-pt whitetail buck

Craig Guest
6 x 5 Bull Elk

Melissa Walden
6X6 Bull elk, 350 & Oryx, 32

Matthew G. Hansen
Turkey, 10

Justin, first year hunting
Pheasants and Geese

Aaron Wood
8-point whitetail buck

Robert Gurney, Terry Metzner, Chuck Metzner
Three whitetail deer

Victor Clark
Pronghorn antelope

Trophies 2401 to 2440 of 2514 Last Next Previous First

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