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Welcome to Browning's Trophy Case. Here you will view some of the finest animals, from deer and elk to African plains game taken throughout the world with the best hunting rifles and shotguns on the market. We encourage you to send your trophy pictures into us so we can post them here in our Trophy Case display.

Your trophy does not have to be a world record. If it is your trophy, we'd like to share it with other hunters and shooters. Just click the button below to submit your trophy for the trophy case.

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TJ Gallagher
Antelope, 15 1/4 inches tall and green score of 77.

LaRita Nelson
Black Buck Antelope

Mark Nelson
Black Buck Antelope

Kenny Bird
First turkey 10" beard 1" spurs

Ryan Roberts
Turkey 22lbs, 9 inch beard

Stacey Hartline
1st buck, Whitetail Deer

Matt Clegg & Josh Chiles
Ringneck Pheasant Roosters

Nick Spalding
First Turkey

Ken Cureton
Whitetail Deer

Jeramey Marsh

Kelly Seal
163 7/8 P&Y 16 Point Whitetail

Kelly Seal
BlackBuck Antelope

Glenn Blackard
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

Chris Boon
Hog Deer

Mark Nelson
Blue Wildebeest

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson

LaRita Nelson

LaRita Nelson

Mike Duff

Danny King

Vinny Campana
Wild Boar 325 lbs

Craig Robertson
Whitetail Deer, 8 point

Duane Gautreaux
Whitetail Deer, 7 Point, 18" Spread, 225 lbs.

Duane Gautreaux
Whittail Deer, 9 Point, 16" Spread, 210 lbs.

Duane Gautreaux
Whitetail Deer, 9 Point, 15" Spread, 205 lbs.

Duane Gautreaux
Whitetail Deer, 8 Point, 16" Spread, 220 lbs.

Jonathan Griswold
Turkey, 19 lbs, 9 1/2 inch beard, 7/8 inch spurs

James Gendron
First Canada goose Hunt

Ron Kimmy and Richard Hunt
Mule Deer

Kelly Seal
25lb+ Carp

Kelly Seal
Corsican Ram

Terry Wilk
5x5 150 class 250lbs Whitetail

Brennan Cochran
7 point whitetail deer with 18.5" spread

Genaro Gonzalez
Canadian Moose

Amy Doll
Jackrabbit and two Cottontails

Alfred Gillikin
Tundra Swan

Jose Ma. Beltran Del Rio
Wild Goose

Trophies 2241 to 2280 of 2514 Last Next Previous First

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