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Welcome to Browning's Trophy Case. Here you will view some of the finest animals, from deer and elk to African plains game taken throughout the world with the best hunting rifles and shotguns on the market. We encourage you to send your trophy pictures into us so we can post them here in our Trophy Case display.

Your trophy does not have to be a world record. If it is your trophy, we'd like to share it with other hunters and shooters. Just click the button below to submit your trophy for the trophy case.

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Bobby Crowell

Bryon Sturch
Cow moose and timber wolf

Carlos carabajal

Cole Chacon

Cole Chacon

Lee Kroening
Red Stag

Trevor Kallinen
Whitetail Deer

Luke Richins
Rocky Mountain Elk

Chuck Meyer
Greater Kudu

Bob Condon
73 inch Moose

Maxwell Rivera

Hayden McCarney

Mathew Pathrose
Whitetail Deer

Lauren Hackett
Whitetail Buck

Russell Shinevar
Trophy Tom Turkey - 10 inch beard

Tyler Jennings
Woodland Caribou

Dan McQuarter
7 x 7 Elk

Adam Maucieri
Whitetail Buck

David Delight
Bull Elk

Kelly Seal
Common Carp

Kellyl Seal
Whitetail Deer

Major Ryan Choate, United States Army

Conny Blixt
Wild Boar, 220 lbs.

Ibia Bird

Angelo Garcia Jr
Mule Deer

Daniel Camarena
Whitetail Deer

Eli Brough
Prairie Dog

Jim Mayer
Russian Boar

Brian Kilby
Clay Pidgeon

Mike Senior
Desert Bighorn

Brandon Jenkins

Clayton Skiba
Mule Deer

James Benben
Eastern Tom Turkey

Levi Haskamp
Eastern Turkey

Austin melvin
Whitetail Doe

Trevor J. Ballard
Wild Turkey - 23 lbs, 10" beard, 1.25" spurs.

Austin Melvin
Whitetail Buck

Mule Deer

Freddy Gui

Freddy Gui
Wild Boar

Trophies 161 to 200 of 2431 Last Next Previous First

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