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Insulation Layer

The Insulation layer allows you to adjust to different outside temperatures and activity levels to maintain a comfortable core body temperature. These highly versatile garments can be worn as a middle, insulating layer between the Base and Protection layers, or as your outer layer in drier weather. We have selected only the finest, highly technical insulations and fabrications to use in any of our technical clothing used primarily for insulation.

Layering. There are three main objectives of the layering concept. 

  • First, do more with less. By this we mean cover more conditions and temperature extremes with fewer, lighter items. Excess "shoulder weight" not only weighs you down, it can become extremely uncomfortable during a long day afield.
  • Second, layering clothing must be backpack friendly. That is, if you are hunting with a pack the pockets need to be in the right places to still be accessible - this is something nearly every other apparel maker ignores.
  • Third, although the original layering concept is good in general, it does not really become highly effective until you employ modern fabrics and technologies.

To layer you need a base layer that maximizes wicking and comfort when alternating between high activity and resting periods. The mid layer is ofter in insualtion layer, which gives comfort appropirate to the outside temperature. The outer layer is primarily for protection, offering water and wind resistance at the appropirate level.

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